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Distinguished Research Staff Member, Member IBM Academy of Technology, Member IBM Industry Academy
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Below are some examples of use of ideas disclosed in my US Patents

Biometric authentication to a mobile device

Commercial Use

My US Patent

Fingerprint based device unlock was used by Motorola in 2011, and appeared asTouch ID from Apple in 2012, and later in Android devices from Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, and others. Biometric authentication device and system  US Patent 8,181,031 Filed Aug 2008, Issued May 2011.
Fingerprint sensor on "home" button for device Fingerprint sensor on an actuatable input device to authenticate to the device. 
Made the device log in process so much simpler. It is a great example of Apple's vaunted attention to ease of use and why they introduced this featurein iPhone 5 and later devices including the iPad. Several Android phones continue to offer this feature. Teaches a biometric reader that reads a biometric of a user when the user actuates the input device to one of generate the signal and complete the circuit. A change like that makes a huge difference in usability as demonstrated by its use by virtually every smart phone.


Navigational directions with turn by turn directions with photos 

Commercial Use

My US Patent

Google Maps Street View Launched in 2007. Microsoft Streetside later, Amazon A9 Blockview, Apple is reportedly working on their version. US Patent  6,504,571 Filed May 1998 Issued Jan 2003
The digital images are indexed in accordance with a plurality of recorded parameters including time, date and geographic location data (altitude and longitude), as well as image data such as lens focal length, auto focus distance, shutter speed, exposure duration, aperture setting, frame number, image quality, flash status and light meter readings, which are used for searching a database consisting of the digital images.
Microsoft Streetside is another example featured in bing maps. "Street level imagery (a/k/a Streetside) enables users to experience Bing Maps from street level. Streetside supplements maps, directions and local search. Imagery is collected using a 360 degree camera mounted on an automobile."




Web Page Customization by Location, Time, and Link Bandwidth 

Commercial Use

My US Patent
  Dynamic hyperlinks and bookmarks US Patent 6,182,113 (93 US patent citations) - Filed Sept 1997, Issued Jan 2001
Literally hundreds of millions of sites format context dependent content today based on location, time of day and link bandwidth.  Examples include news, ecommerce, weather, photo sharing, and other sites. Web sites distinguish between wired, wireless, and cellular links. Location of the user is also typically derived from the IP address or registed login information of the requestor. Relates to customizing web sites for geography, link bandwidth, and time. Teaches receiving a request for a particular Hyperlink from a data processing system connected to the World Wide Web; andformatting a response to the request for the particular Hyperlink in accordance with at least one criterion associated with a requestor of the Hyperlink, such as location, time, bandwidth capacity of link.

HTML 5.0 supports a geolocation API

This specification defines an API that provides scripted access to geographical location information associated with the hosting device.

Web Page CustomizationWeb Page Customization 1


Bar Codes and QR Codes for Mobile Payments  

Commercial Use

My US Patent

The big question facing businesses looking to facilitate QR code payments is whether to adopt merchant-presented or customer-presented QR codes for payment scanning. 

US Patents 7,885,898, 7,890,434, 8,065,235 Portable Intelligent Shopping Device Filed with Priority Date May 2003, Issued 2011

Reliance Jio Money 2016

In a customer-presented QR code system, a customer might scan their purchases with their mobile device and then generate a QR code on their device's screen, to present for scanning at the merchant's point of sale system.  The merchant would then request a payment for the total amount.

A mobile information processing device includes a display driver for displaying a bar code, the bar code including a representation of a user's acceptance of a price requested by a store for a selected item for purchase. The bar code may be one-dimensional or two-dimensional.


Bezel based interfaces for watches

Commercial Use

My US Patent

The Samsung Gear S3 Classic watch (see pictures below shown from the product manual) uses a rotating bezel to interface with the watch. 

The Fossil Q Control and Garmin Forerunner 405 watches use a touch sensitive bezel and circular navigation paradigm 

US Patent 6556222 Bezel based input mechanism and user interface for a smart watch
Filed June 2000 Issued April 2004

Teaches "mobile computing device/appliance includes a user interface employing a bezel-based input mechanism including a bezel ring which may be rotated and depressed for generating both rotation and wheel click events for enabling navigation, selection and entry of various displayed textual and graphical items."


Combining calendars with maps 

Commercial Use

My US Patent

Google Calendar Events in Google Maps  Sept 2016 - Now you can see your Google Calendar events in Google Maps.

US Patent 7673248 Combining Calendar Entries with Map Views
Filed Nov 2006 Issued March 2010

You can add a Bing Map to a calendar event in O365 Outlook Web App.
Apple allows adding locations and travel information to calendar events.

A method for displaying a calendar event on an electronic map. Location data is gathered for calendar events are entered and subsequently events can be searched by a time window and the locations for events in that window can be plotted on a map.
In our latest update, Google Maps teams up with Google Calendar to make it even easier to get where you need to go. Starting today, Android users worldwide will start to see their Google Calendar events on Google Maps. So whether you're heading to a family dinner or getting subway directions to a birthday party, you can now quickly and easily access your events directly from the map.


Interactive Voice Repsonse menus for faster response

Commercial Use

My US Patent

US Patent 6,104,790

Graphical voice response system and method therefor  Filed Jan 1999, Issued Aug 2000

Technology provided by Jacada IVR (awarded 2014 Rising Star by CRM Magazine for Visual IVR) is used by many vendors today

Our work was done in 1998 to speed up the process of getting to the menu option without having to hear the menu item.

It covered a  communication system for communicating between a calling party and a called party, comprising: means for dialing a communication device of a called party;means for sensing whether a voice menu file is associated with said communication device of said called party and for signaling to obtain said voice menu file from one of the communication device of said called party and a third party source; and an interactive display for displaying said voice menu file. 


Increasing Privacy in Public WiFi networks by modifying MAC address 

Commercial Use

My US Patent

Used in Mac OS 8, introduced in June 2014, and up and in Windows 10, option in Android 6.0; US Patent 7,185,204 (73 patent citations) Method and System for Privacy in Public Networks
  Wireless Privacy  - notion of random pools of network MAC addresses
Teaches - 
A method of providing location privacy, comprising:for a mobile computing device, assigning a pool of addresses with which a user can access a network, and preventing a third party from correlating a user's location with the mobile computing device.


Extending Instant Messaging for disconnected users

Commercial Use

My US Patent

Slack, a very popular communication tool, introduced in 2009 US Patent 7,568,008 System and method for supporting instant messaging in disconnected modes
Delivers messages to users when they are logged in. Messages are buffered on servers. Teaches - 
A method, system, and computer program for a) buffering instant messages to an intended recipient while the recipient is currently not logged on to an instant messaging system, and b) delivering buffered messages to the intended recipient after the recipient connects the instant messaging system.