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Brazil Research Lab, Brazil


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  ACM  |  Design Research Society


  1. Integration between the areas of Collaborative Systems and Human-Computer Interaction.  BR CHI chapter.
  2. Design methods to use with stakeholders. Digibee.
  3. Bringing Credit to Underrepresented Communities by Enhancing Local Financial Practices With AI. Bradesco Simbiose 2021.
  4. What are the challenges for training artificial intelligence systems? Arena Virtual Bradesco 2021.
  5. Microbanking: Levando crédito para comunidades minoritárias através da Inteligência Artificial. Inovabra habitat. Bluetalks.
  6. Relacionamento e produtividade: Times de alta performance no trabalho híbrido pós-pandemia. Inovabra habitat.
  7. Heloisa Candello (IBM). Carolina Sacramento (FIOCRUZ). Paulo Melo (SIDIA). HCI in the Industry Panel. IHC 2021. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPWa5-FhyZE
  8. Heloisa Candello (IBM). Interaction with multi-bots. Dagstuhl seminar in Conversational Agent as Trustworthy Autonomous System (Trust-CA) https://www.dagstuhl.de/en/program/calendar/semhp/?semnr=21381
  9. Candello. Research Methods for Design and Evaluation of Conversational User Interfaces. Tutorial at Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. CLIHC 2021. https://clihc2021.laihc.org/content/tutorials/speakers.html
  10. AOT initiative. TechDeep - 2nd Technical Workshop. Research methods for designing and evaluating CUIs. Tutorial.



Keynote. CONIP. IA and Design.

Keynote.  WCO2020. SBSC. Challenges in Collaborative System.

Speaker. Design methods for AI systems. University USCS. São Paulo.

Speaker. Conversational Interaction Conference: A key trend in Artificial Intelligence. What are the challenges of teaching machines? , AVIOS. San Jose. CA. https://www.conversationalinteraction.com/program

Speaker. What are the challenges of teaching machines? IBM ALMADEN. CA.

Painel. Grand challenges in AI. SBSC 2020.

Speaker. UNIFESP - Pós- graduação em Ciências da Computação.

Speaker.  Bots Brasil. https://youtu.be/F71vTP03Gqg

Speaker. TIDDigital – PUC- SP - Design e IA. Complexidade das Redes. Episodio 3. https://youtu.be/p0Yg2P6gQBE




Panel. Human-centered Design and Open Data: how to improve AI. IGF United Nations. Berlin, Germany, 2019.

Keynote speaker. Design and AI. AI Legal hub, Sommerset House, London, UK, November 2019.

Keynote speaker. AI for good. Designing conversational experiences. Brunel University.

Speaker. Designing conversational interfaces. Open University, KMI, Milton Keynes, UK, November 2019. http://kmi.open.ac.uk/seminars/3325

Speaker. Conversational Intelligence projects. University of Brighton.

Speaker. Customer experience: Design conversational systems. Blue talks 2019. InovaBra.

Speaker. Designing methods for conversational interfaces.Mixed Reality Lab, Nottingham, UK, November 2019.

Speaker. Inteligência Artificial . Teachers Lerning event, Catavento Museum, São Paulo, Maio, 2019.

Speaker.Challenges on teaching machines. BotsBrasil http://conf.botsbrasil.com.br/#schedule

Speaker. Conversational Interaction Conference: A key trend in Artificial Intelligence. Design and Evaluation of Multi-party Conversational Systems, AVIOS. San Jose. CA. https://www.conversationalinteraction.com/program

Speaker. Design and Evaluation of Multi-party Conversational Systems. IBM ALMADEN. CA.



Invited talk. "Design and Evaluation methods for conversational systems". DCC- UFMG - Minas Gerais - Brasil. http://www.dcc.ufmg.br/dcc/?q=en/node/3222

Speaker. "And when more than one chatbot is in the conversation?". Meetup Bluetalks + Chatbots Brasil. São Paulo - Brasil. https://www.meetup.com/bluetalks/events/250984935/



Speaker. "Designing Conversational Systems". Bots Brasil Conference. https://medium.com/botsbrasil/conhe%C3%A7a-heloisa-candello-236c639290a9

Keynote speaker. "Design and Cognitive Systems". 16. Ergodesign. Florianópolis - Brazil.

Panel Speaker Hugo Fuks, Heloisa Candello, Maxine Brown and Brett Stalbaum. "The next 10 years of Collaborative Systems in Brazil". CSBC/14.SBSC. São Paulo - Brazil.

Meetup. Heloisa Candello, Mauro Pichiliani."Shaping the user experience of chatbots". Design de Chatbots#1. São Paulo - Brazil.


Seminar. "Shaping the user experience of Financial Services". Rogers Communications. Toronto - Canada.

Seminar. "Design of Financial Services". Bridgeable. Toronto - Canada.

Seminar. "Understanding fiado: Informal credit practice in Brazil". Computer Department. UNICAMP - SP - Brazil.

Keynote speaker."Design for finance: Shaping the user experience of Financial Services".  Research Symposium in Design, Technology and Society. UNB. Brasilia - Brazil.

Workshop and Seminar. "Museums and Exhibitons". Design Department. PUC - Campinas - Brazil.



Invited Speaker. "Design for decision making". Interfaces Symposium. PUC-Campinas, Brazil.



Seminar speaker. "Computer Research Visitor Talk: Projects at IBM Research Brazil". University of Brighton - UK.

Seminar speaker. "Information Visualization". ESAMC - Campinas, Brazil.

Seminar speaker. "IBM Research Brazil projects". UNICAMP - Campinas, Brazil.