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Research staff
Brazil Research Lab, Brazil


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  ACM  |  Design Research Society

Volunteers activities


IBM Corporate Citizenship:

  1. AI Educative Project IBM, Corporate Citizenship and Catavento. https://www.conversationaluserinterfaces.org/steering-committee/


Mentorship and board examiner:

  1. Benjamin Cowan (supervisor). Student: Philip Doyle. The effect of errors on partner models and lexical alignment in speech interface interaction IRC - UCD. Industry mentor.
  2. Manuela Quaresma (supervisor). Student: Patricia Carrion. Virtual Reality for remote work - PUC- RIO. PhD Board examiner.
  3. Vânia Neris (supervisor). Student: Paula Souza. End user development in the context of rehabilitation of the Abuse of substances. CUI. UFSCAR. Board examiner
  4. Marcelo Manzato (supervisor). Student: Lucas Araujo. Conversational recommendation strategies for the elderly. ICMC-USP. Board examiner.



  1. ACM SIGCHI Latin America Member. https://sigchi.org/people/committees/#latin-america-committee
  2. ACM SIGCHI Volunteer Development Committee. Research leader. https://sigchi.org/people/committees/
  3. CUI Steering committee.


Program committee, Associate Chair, Track chair and conference organization: 

  1. Human-Computer Interaction Journal Special Issue - Guiding the Conversation: New Theory and Design Perspectives for Conversational User Interfaces. Editorial board. https://madpickle.net/hcij/publicInfo/cfp_cui.pdf
  2. Demo chair.
  3. Demo chair.
  4. CUI@CHI workshop. Co-organizer
  5. CUI@IUI workshop. Co-organizer
  6. Workshop FATES. The Web Conference 2022. PC Member.
  7. PC Member.
  8. CHI 2022. PC Member.
  9. PC Member.
  10. PC Member.
  11. CSCW 2021 June 2021 submissions. PC Member.
  12. CSCW 2022 PC Member.
  13. AAAI 2021. PC Member.
  14. HCAI-NeurIPS 2021 workshop. PC Member.
  15. CUI@CHI workshop.
  16. CUI@IUI workshop.
  17. IDC 2021 Full & short papers. Reviewer
  18. IDC 2021 Works-In-Progress. Reviewer
  19. Interact 2021.
  20. EACL 2021.
  21. SBSC 2021.
  22. Interacting with Computers Journal. Reviewer.
  23. TOCHI Journal.
  24. 11º Fórum da Internet no Brasil. Workshop proposals.
  25. IBM Design Spark festival.







RESEARCH SCIENTIST - ACM SIGCHI Volunteer Development Committee - https://sigchi.org/people/committees/

PROJECT LEAD - TEACHING AI IN MUSEUMS - Catavento Museum, IBM Research, IBM Corporate Citizenship.


SBC IHC STEERING COMMITTEE - https://www.sbc.org.br/14-comissoes/390-interacao-humano-computador


Session chair


CHI2020 - ACM SIGCHI LAIHC 2020 - Co-chair session - Technology and Participatory Design.

CUI2020. Session 02: Multi-party and user communities.

Co-organizing session chair - Session at DUX/ HCII 2020 "Design and UX for AI systems" with Juliana Jensen.



H. Candello. Session chair CHI2019. "The one with bots".


Organizing and Program chair


PAPER CHAIR   - Benjamin Cowan (University College Dublin), Heloisa Candello (IBM Research Brasil), Jennifer Pearson (Swansea University) . CUI 2020. Conversational User Interfaces. https://cui2020.com/organising_committee/

WORKSHOP ORGANIZING CHAIR - Fates 2020 2nd Workshop on Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics and Society on the Web - WWW- http://fates.isti.cnr.it/

WORKSHOP ORGANIZING CHAIR- CHI2020 - - CUI@CHI: Mapping Grand Challenges for the Conversational User Interface Community - http://www.speechinteraction.org/CHI2020/organisers.html

WORKSHOP ORGANIZING CHAIR - IUI 2020 - Conversational User Interfaces: A Workshop on New Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives for Researching Speech-based Conversational Interactions. http://www.speech-interaction.org/IUI2020

Industry chair - IHC2020 - Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems

ORGANIZING CHAIR - Session at DUX/ HCII 2020 “Design and UX for AI systems” with Juliana Jensen http://2019.hci.international/monday




ORGANIZING CHAIR -  ACM SIGCHI International Summer School in Research Methods for HCI/CSCW https://brazilrms.wordpress.com/

ORGANIZING CHAIR - Session at DUX/ HCII 2019 “Design and UX for AI systems” with Juliana Jensen http://2019.hci.international/monday



WORKSHOP ORGANIZING CHAIR -Stuart Reeves, Martin Porcheron, Joel E. Fischer, Heloisa Candello, Donald McMillan, Moira McGregor, Robert J. Moore et. al. Voice-based Conversational UX Studies and Design.  2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, ACM.

TECHNICAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE   - Heloisa Candello and Raquel Prates . IHC 2018. XVII Simpósio Brasileiro sobre Fatores Humanos em Sistemas Computacionais. http://www.ihc2018.ufpa.br/

ORGANIZING CHAIR - Session at DUX/ HCII 2018 “Information Design studies” with Carla Spinillo



WORKSHOP ORGANIZING CHAIR - Talking with conversational agents in collaborative action
Porcheron, Martin and Fischer, Joel E and McGregor, Moira and Brown, Barry and Luger, Ewa and Candello, Heloisa and O'Hara, Kenton
Companion of the 2017 ACM CSCW - Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing, pp. 431--436


Program Committee

CHI2021 - 1AC - Understanding people subcommittee

CSCW 2020 - reviewer - Full-paper reviewer

IDC2020 - reviewer - Working in process

CHI2020 LBW - reviewer

CACM2020 - reviewer

NordCHI2020 - reviewer

CUI 2020 - 1AC and paper co-chair

FATES2020- WWW- Program Committee

IHC2020 - 1AC

CHI 2020  Papers– 1AC – Understanding people subcommittee

Group2020 Papers– 2AC

Internet Forum Brazil - Workshop proposals - reviewer

SBC CTD 2020 (Thesis and Dissertations) - reviewer

Journal SBC 2020- reviewer


DIS2019 Papers– 1AC/2AC - Experiences, Artifacts, and Technology subcommittee

CHI2019 Papers – reviewer

CHI 2019 Late Breaking Work -– reviewer

IHC2019 Papers – AC reviewer

CUI2019 Papers – AC reviewer

CHI 2018 Papers - reviewer

CSCW 2018 Online First Papers - reviewer

CSCW 2018 Second Cycle - reviewer

IDC 2018 Papers & Notes

IDJ2018 Papers - reviewer

IJHC2018 - Papers reviewer

Infodesign 2018 Papers - AC reviewer

ILA 2018 Papers - AC reviewer

IHC2018 Papers - Technical Program and Paper chair

CHI 2017 Case Studies - reviewer

CHI 2017 Late-Breaking Work - reviewer

CHI 2017 Papers and Notes - reviewer

CHI 2017 Workshops - reviewer

DIS 2017 Papers and Notes - reviewer

Mobile HCI 2017 Papers Program - reviewer

CHI 2015 Case Studies - reviewer

CHI 2015 Papers and Notes - reviewer

EPIC 2015 Papers - reviewer

IASDR 2015 Papers - reviewer

IASDR 2015 Posters - reviewer

IUI 2015 Long and Short Papers - reviewer

CIDI2015 Papers- reviewer

CHI 2014 Papers and Notes - reviewer

CSCW 2014 Posters - reviewer

DIS 2014 Long and Short Papers - reviewer

Multiscreen 2013 – 1AC

HCI 2008 Second Call - reviewer