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Principal Research Staff Member
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



Sondheimer oscillations as a probe of non-ohmic flow in type-II Weyl semimetal WP2
Maarten R. van Delft, Yaxian Wang, Carsten Putzke, Jacopo Oswald, Georgios Varnavides, Christina A. C. Garcia, Chunyu Guo, Heinz Schmid, Vicky Suess, Horst Borrmann, Jonas Diaz, Yan Sun, Claudia Felser, Bernd Gotsmann, Prineha Narang, Philip J.W. Moll
arxiv, 2020

Electronic conductance and thermopower of single-molecule junctions of oligo(phenyleneethynylene) derivatives
Herve Dekkiche, Andrea Gemma, Fatemeh Tabatabaei, Andrei S. Batsanov, Thomas Niehaus, Bernd Gotsmann, and Martin R. Bryce
Nanoscale12, 2020

Spatially Resolved Thermoelectric Effects in Operando Semiconductor-Metal Nanowire Heterostructures
Nadine Gaechter, Fabian Koenemann, Masiar Sistani, Maximilian G. Bartmann, Marilyne Sousa, Philipp Staudinger, Alois Lugstein, Bernd Gotsmann
Nanoscale12, 20590-20597, 2020

Wenn Ladung wie Wasser fliesst
Fabian Menges, Bernd Gotsmann
Physik in unserer Zeit 51(4), 190-195, 2020

Time-Delay Encoded Image Recognition in a Network of Resistively Coupled VOÿ‚ on Si Oscillators
E Corti, A Khanna, K Niang, J Robertson, Kirsten Emilie Moselund, B Gotsmann, S Datta, S Karg
IEEE Electron Device Letters 41(4), 629-632, 2020

Graphene Thermocouples: Singleÿ Material Graphene Thermocouples
Achim Harzheim, Fabian Könemann, Bernd Gotsmann, Herre van der Zant, Pascal Gehring
Advanced Functional Materials 30(22), 2070137, 2020

Imaging the Thermalization of Hot Carriers After Thermionic Emission Over a Polytype Barrier
F Koenemann, IJ Chen, S Lehmann, C Thelander, B Gotsmann
Physical Review Applied 13(5), 054035, 2020

Scaled resistively-coupled VO2 oscillators for Neuromorphic Computing
Elisabetta Corti, Bernd Gotsmann, Kirsten Moselund, Adrian Ionescu, John Robertson, Siegfried Karg
Solid State Electronics168, 107729, 2020

Coupled VO2 Oscillators Circuit as Analog First Layer Filter in Convolutional Neural Networks
Elisabetta Corti, Joaquin Antonio Cornejo Jimenez, Kham M. Niang, John Robertson, Kirsten E. Moselund, Bernd Gotsmann, Adrian M. Ionescu and Siegfried Karg
Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2020


Weyl Semi-Metal-Based High-Frequency Amplifiers
A Toniato, B Gotsmann, E Lind, CB Zota
2019 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), pp. 9.4. 1-9.4. 4

Thermal Conductivity of a Supported Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube
Fabian Koenemann, Morten Vollmann, Tino Wagner, Norizzawati Mohd Ghazali, Tomohiro Yamaguchi, Andreas Stemmer, Koji Ishibashi, Bernd Gotsmann
J. Phys. Chem. C 123(19), 12460-12465, 2019

Shrewd detectives find a dissipation channel
Bernd Gotsmann
Nature Materials18, 1149-1150, 2019

Thermal Transport through Single-Molecule Junctions
Nico Mosso, Hatef Sadeghi, Andrea Gemma, Sara Sangtarash, Ute Drechsler, Colin Lambert, Bernd Gotsmann
Nanoletters 19(11), 7614-7622, 2019

Investigation of Pt-salt-doped-standalone-multiwall carbon nanotubes for on-chip interconnect applications
Jie Liang, Rongmei Chen, Raphael Ramos, Jaehyun Lee, Hanako Okuno, Dipankar Kalita, Vihar Georgiev, Salim Berrada, Toufik Sadi, Benjamin Uhlig, Katherina Lilienthal, Abitha Dhavamani, Fabian Konemann, Bernd Gotsmann, Goncalves Goncalves, Bingan Chen, Asen Asenov, Jean Dijon, Aida Todri-Sanial
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, pp. 2346-2352, 2019

Crossover from ballistic to diffusive thermal transport in suspended graphene membranes
A El Sachat, F Koenemann, F Menges, E Del Corro, J A Garrido, C M Sotomayor Torres, F Alzina and B Gotsmann
2D Materials 6(2), 025034, 2019


Thermal and electrical signatures of a hydrodynamic electron fluid in tungsten diphosphide
J. Gooth, F. Menges, N. Kumar, V. Suess, C. Shekhar, Y. Sun, U. Drechsler, R. Zierold, C. Felser & B. Gotsmann
Nature Communications9, 4093, 2018

Resistive Coupled VO2 Oscillators for Image Recognition
Elisabetta Corti, Bernd Gotsmann, K. Moselund, Igor Stolichnov, Adrian Ionescu, Siegfried Karg
IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing (ICRC) 2018, pp. 1-7

Nanoscale Scanning Probe Thermometry
Fabian Koenemann, Morten Vollmann, Fabian Menges, I-Ju Chen, Norizzawati Mohd Ghazali, Tomohiro Yamaguchi, Koji Ishibashi, Claes Thelander, and Bernd Gotsmann
2018 24rd International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems (THERMINIC)

Quantized thermal conductance in metallic heterojunctions
Nico Mosso, Alyssa Prasmusinto1, Andrea Gemma, Ute Drechsler, Lukas Novotny, and Bernd Gotsmann
Applied Physics Letters114, 123102 , 2018

Progress on carbon nanotube BEOL interconnects
B. Uhlig, J. Liang, J. Lee, R. Ramos, A. Dhavamani, N. Nagy, J. Dijon, H. Okuno, D. Kalita, V. Georgiev, A. Asenov, S. Amoroso, L. Wang, C. Millar, F. Konemann, B. Gotsmann, G. Goncalves, B. Chen, R. R. Pandey, R. Chen, A. Todri-Sanial
2018 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE)

Combined scanning probe electronic and thermal characterization of an indium arsenide nanowire
Tino Wagner, Fabian Menges, Heike Riel, Bernd Gotsmann and Andreas Stemmer1
Beilstein J. Nanotechnol.9, 129-136, 2018


A Physics-Based Investigation of Pt-Salt Doped Carbon Nanotubes for Local Interconnects
J. Liang, R. Ramos, J. Dijon, H. Okuno, D. Kalita, D. Renaud, J. Lee, V. P. Georgiev, S. Berrada, T. Sadi, A. Asenov, B. Uhlig, K. Lilienthal, A. Dhavamani, F. Könemann, B. Gotsmann, G. Goncalves, B. Chen, K. Teo, R. R. Pandey, and A. Todri-Sanial
Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) IEEE International, pp. 35-5 , 2017

Electrical and Thermal Transport at the Planckian Bound of Dissipation in the Hydrodynamic Electron Fluid of WP2
J. Gooth, F. Menges, C. Shekhar, V. Suess, N. Kumar, Y. Sun, U. Drechsler, R. Zierold, C. Felser, B. Gotsmann
arXiv:1706.05925, 2017

Experimental signatures of the mixed axial-gravitational anomaly in the Weyl semimetal NbP
J. Gooth, A. C. Niemann, T. Meng, A. G. Grushin, K. Landsteiner, B. Gotsmann, F. Menges, M. Schmidt, C. Shekhar, V. Suess, R. Huehne, B. Rellinghaus, C. Felser, B. Yan, K. Nielsch
arXiv:1703.10682, 2017

A Survey of Carbon Nanotube Interconnects for Energy Efficient Integrated Circuits
A. Todri-Sanial, R. Ramos, H. Okuno, J. Dijon, A. Dhavamani, M. Wislicenus, K. Lilienthal, B. uhlig, T. Sadi, V. P. Georigev, A. Asenov, S. M. Amoroso, A. R. Brown, A. Pender, C. Millar, F. Motzfeld, B. Gotsmann, J. Liang, G. Goncalves, N. Rupesinghe, et
IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine 17(2), 47-62, 2017

Heat transport through atomic contacts
N. Mosso, U. Drechsler, F. Menges, P. Nirmalraj, S. Karg, H. Riel, B. Gotsmann
Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Research, 2017


Local thermometry of self-heated nanoscale devices
F. Menges, F. Motzfeld, H. Schmid, P. Mensch, M. Dittberner, S. Karg, H. Riel and B. Gotsmann
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A robust molecular probe for Angstrom-scale analytics in liquids
P. Nirmalraj, D. Thompson, C. Dimitrakopoulos, B. Gotsmann, D. Dumcenco, A. Kis, H. Riel
Nature Communications7, 12403, 2016

Ballistic transport and high thermopower in one-dimensional InAs nanowires
S. Karg, V. Schaller, A. Gaul, K. Moselund, H. Schmid, B. Gotsmann, J. Gooth, H. Riel
Solid-State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC), 2016 46th European, pp. 341--344

Thermoelectric Power Factor Enhancement by Spin-Polarized Currents. A Nanowire Case Study
A.C. Niemann, T. Böhnert, A.K. Michel, S. Bässler, B. Gotsmann, K. Neurohr, B. Toth, L. Peter, I. Bakonyi, V. Vega
Advanced Electronic Materials 2(9), Wiley Online Library, 2016

Thermal radiative near field transport between vanadium dioxide and silicon oxide across the metal insulator transition
F. Menges, M. Dittberner, L. Novotny, D. Passarello, S.S.P. Parkin, M. Spieser, H. Riel, B. Gotsmann
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Temperature mapping of operating nanoscale devices by scanning probe thermometry
F. Menges, P. Mensch, H. Schmid, H. Riel, A. Stemmer, B. Gotsmann
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Nanoscale thermometry by scanning thermal microscopy
F. Menges, H. Riel, A. Stemmer, B. Gotsmann
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Fingerprinting Electronic Molecular Complexes in Liquid
P. Nirmalraj, A. La Rosa, D. Thompson, M. Sousa, N. Martin, B. Gotsmann, H. Riel
Sci Rep.6, 19009, 2016


β-relaxation of PMMA: tip size and stress effects in friction force microscopy
J. Sondhauss, M. Lantz, B. Gotsmann, A. Schirmeisen
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Kelvin probe force microscopy for local characterisation of active nanoelectronic devices
T. Wagner, H. Beyer, P. Reissner, P. Mensch, H. Riel, B. Gotsmann, A. Stemmer
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One-dimensional behavior and high thermoelectric power factor in thin indium arsenide nanowires
P. Mensch, S. Karg, V. Schmidt, B. Gotsmann, H. Schmid, and H. Riel
Applied Physics Letters106, 093101, 2015


Nanoelectrical analysis of single molecules and atomic-scale materials at the solid/liquid interface
P. Nirmalraj, D. Thompson, A. Molina-Ontoria, M. Sousa, N. Martin, B.Gotsmann, and H. Riel
Nature Materials 13, 947, 2014

Uniaxial Stress in GaAs Nanowires Reveals an Unprecedented Light Emission Tunability and Novel Bandstructure Transitions
G. Signorello, S. Karg, E. Loertscher, P. A. Khomyakov, B. Gotsmann, M. Bjoerk, D. L. Dheeraj, H. Weman, H. Riel
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Length-Dependent Thermal Transport along Molecular Chains
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Full thermoelectric characterization of InAs nanowires using MEMS heater/sensors
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Inducing a Direct-to-Pseudodirect Bandgap Transition in Wurtzite GaAs Nanowires with Uniaxial Stress
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Modelling, simulation and optimization for a SThm nanoprobe
B. Yang, M. Lenczner, S. Cogan, B. Gotsmann, P. Janus and G. Boetch,
EuroSimE IEEE Thermal, Mechanical and Multiphysics Simulation and Experiments in Micro/Nanoelectronics and Systems. April 7-9, 2014, Ghent, Belgium.

Using the Seebeck coefficient to determine charge carrier concentration, mobility, and relaxation time in InAs nanowires
V. Schmidt, P. F. J. Mensch, S. F. Karg, B. Gotsmann, P. Das Kanungo, H. Schmid, and H. Riel
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Measurement of thermoelectric properties of indium arsenide nanowires
P. Mensch, S. Karg, B. Gotsmann, H. Schmid, P. Das Kanungo, V. Schmidt, H. Ghoneim, V. Troncale, H. Riel, M. Bjoerk
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III/V Nanowire-based Devices for Thermoelectrics
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Molecular Electronics: Bonding and Electronic Transport Properties of Fullerene and Fullerene Derivatives in Break-Junction Geometries (Small 2/2013)
E. Loertscher, V. Geskin, B. Gotsmann, J. Fock, J.K. Sorensen, T. Bjornholm, J. Cornil, H.S.J. van der Zant, H. Riel
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Electrical and thermoelectrical properties of gated InAs nanowires
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Thermal Transport into Graphene through Nanoscopic Contacts
F. Menges, H. Riel, A. Stemmer, C. Dimitrakopoulos, and B. Gotsmann
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Heat dissipation and thermometry in nanosystems: When interfaces dominate
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B. Gotsmann
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