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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Atomic and electronic structure of Si dangling bonds in quasi-free-standing monolayer graphene
Murata, Yuya and Cavallucci, Tommaso and Tozzini, Valentina and Pavli{\v{c}}ek, Niko and Gross, Leo and Meyer, Gerhard and Takamura, Makoto and Hibino, Hiroki and Beltram, Fabio and Heun, Stefan
Nano Research 11(2), 864--873, Springer, 2018

Reorganization energy upon charging a single molecule on an insulator measured by atomic force microscopy
Shadi Fatayer, Bruno Schuler, Wolfram Steurer, Ivan Scivetti, Jascha Repp, Leo Gross, Mats Persson, Gerhard Meyer
Nature nanotechnology 13(5), 376, Nature Publishing Group, 2018

Studying an antiaromatic polycyclic hydrocarbon adsorbed on different surfaces
Majzik, Zsolt and Pavli{\v{c}}ek, Niko and Vilas-Varela, Manuel and P{\'e}rez, Dolores and Moll, Nikolaj and Guiti{\'a}n, Enrique and Meyer, Gerhard and Pe{\~n}a, Diego and Gross, Leo
Nature communications 9(1), 1198, Nature Publishing Group, 2018

Rasterkraftmikroskopie f{\"u}r die molekulare Strukturaufkl{\"a}rung
Gross, Leo and Schuler, Bruno and Pavli{\v{c}}ek, Niko and Fatayer, Shadi and Majzik, Zsolt and Moll, Nikolaj and Pe{\~n}a, Diego and Meyer, Gerhard
Angewandte Chemie 130(15), 3950--3972, Wiley Online Library, 2018

Addressing Long-Standing Chemical Challenges by AFM with Functionalized Tips
Pe{\~n}a, Diego and Pavli{\v{c}}ek, Niko and Schuler, Bruno and Moll, Nikolaj and P{\'e}rez, Dolores and Guiti{\'a}n, Enrique and Meyer, Gerhard and Gross, Leo
On-Surface Synthesis II, pp. 209--227, Springer, 2018

Atomic force microscopy identifying fuel pyrolysis products and directing the synthesis of analytical standards
S. Fatayer, N.B. Poddar, S. Quiroga, F. Schulz, B. Schuler, S.V. Kalpathy, G. Meyer, D. Perez, E. Guitian, D. Pena, M.J. Wornat, L. Gross
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 140(26), 8156-8161, 2018

Direct visualization of individual aromatic compound structures in low molecular weight marine dissolved organic carbon
S. Fatayer, A.I. Coppola, F. Schulz, B.D. Walker, T.A. Broek, G. Meyer, E.R.M. Druffel, M. McCarthy, L. Gross
Geophys. Res. Lett. 45(11), 5590-5598, 2018

Atomic Force Microscopy for Molecular Structure Elucidation
Leo Gross, Bruno Schuler, Niko Pavlicek, Shadi Fatayer, Zsolt Majzik, Nikolaj Moll, Diego Pena, Gerhard Meyer
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57(15), 3888--3908, Wiley Online Library, 2018


Passivation of dangling bonds on hydrogenated Si (100)-2$$\backslash$times $1: a possible method for error correction in hydrogen lithography
Pavli{\v{c}}ek, Niko and Majzik, Zsolt and Meyer, Gerhard and Gross, Leo
arXiv preprint arXiv:1706.02560, 2017

Synthesis and characterization of triangulene
Niko Pavlicek, Anish Mistry, Zsolt Majzik, Nikolaj Moll, Gerhard Meyer, David J Fox, Leo Gross
Nature Nanotechnology 12(4), 308-311, 2017

Tip-induced passivation of dangling bonds on hydrogenated Si (100)-2$\times$ 1
Pavli{\v{c}}ek, Niko and Majzik, Zsolt and Meyer, Gerhard and Gross, Leo
Applied Physics Letters 111(5), 053104, AIP Publishing, 2017

Generation and Characterization of a meta-Aryne on Cu and NaCl Surfaces
PavlicÌŒek, Niko and Majzik, Zsolt and Collazos, Sara and Meyer, Gerhard and P{\'e}rez, Dolores and Guiti{\'a}n, Enrique and Pe{\~n}a, Diego and Gross, Leo
ACS nano 11(11), 10768--10773, ACS Publications, 2017

Generation, manipulation and characterization of molecules by atomic force microscopy
Pavlicÿ ek, Niko and Gross, Leo
Nature Reviews Chemistry1, 0005, Nature Publishing Group, 2017

Characterizing aliphatic moieties in hydrocarbons with atomic force microscopy
Schuler, Bruno and Zhang, Yunlong and Collazos, Sara and Fatayer, Shadi and Meyer, Gerhard and P{\'e}rez, Dolores and Guiti{\'a}n, Enrique and Harper, Michael R and Kushnerick, J Douglas and Pe{\~n}a, Diego and others
Chemical Science, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017


Synthesis of a Naphthodiazaborinine and Its Verification by Planarization with Atomic Force Microscopy
Majzik, Zsolt and Cuenca, Ana B and Pavliček, Niko and Miralles, Núria and Meyer, Gerhard and Gross, Leo and Fernández, Elena
ACS nano 10(5), 5340--5345, ACS Publications, 2016

The electric field of CO tips and its relevance for atomic force microscopy
Ellner, Michael and Pavlicÿ ek, Niko and Pou, Pablo and Schuler, Bruno and Moll, Nikolaj and Meyer, Gerhard and Gross, Leo and Per{\'e}z, Rub{\'e}n
Nano letters 16(3), 1974--1980, ACS Publications, 2016

Charge-State-Dependent Diffusion of Individual Gold Adatoms on Ionic Thin NaCl Films
Repp, Jascha and Steurer, Wolfram and Scivetti, Ivan and Persson, Mats and Gross, Leo and Meyer, Gerhard
Physical Review Letters 117(14), 146102, APS, 2016

Identical Binding Energies and Work Functions for Distinct Adsorption Structures: Olympicenes on the Cu (111) Surface
Liu, Wei and Schuler, Bruno and Xu, Yong and Moll, Nikolaj and Meyer, Gerhard and Gross, Leo and Tkatchenko, Alexandre
The journal of physical chemistry letters 7(6), 1022--1027, ACS Publications, 2016

Tetracene Formation by On-Surface Reduction
Krüger, Justus and Pavliček, Niko and Alonso, José M and Pérez, Dolores and Guitián, Enrique and Lehmann, Thomas and Cuniberti, Gianaurelio and Gourdon, André and Meyer, Gerhard and Gross, Leo and others
ACS nano 10(4), 4538--4542, ACS Publications, 2016

Reversible Bergman cyclization by atomic manipulation
Schuler, Bruno and Fatayer, Shadi and Mohn, Fabian and Moll, Nikolaj and Pavli{\v{c}}ek, Niko and Meyer, Gerhard and Pe{\~n}a, Diego and Gross, Leo
Nature chemistry, Nature Publishing Group, 2016


Effect of electron-phonon interaction on the formation of one-dimensional electronic states in coupled Cl vacancies
B. Schuler, M. Persson, S. Paavilainen, N. Pavliček, L. Gross, G. Meyer, J. Repp
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Unraveling the Molecular Structures of Asphaltenes by Atomic Force Microscopy
B. Schuler, G. Meyer, D. Peña, O.C. Mullins and L. Gross
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Toggling the local electric field with an embedded adatom switch
W. Steurer, B. Schuler, N. Pavliček, L. Gross, I. Scivetti, M. Persson, G. Meyer
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On-surface generation and imaging of arynes by atomic force microscopy
Niko Pavliček, Bruno Schuler, Sara Collazos, Nikolaj Moll, Dolores Pérez, Enrique Guitián, Gerhard Meyer, Diego Peña, Leo Gross
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Local tunneling decay length and Kelvin probe force spectroscopy
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Probe-based measurement of lateral single-electron transfer between individual molecules
Steurer, Wolfram and Fatayer, Shadi and Gross, Leo and Meyer, Gerhard
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Interactions between two C60 molecules measured by scanning probe microscopies
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Manipulation of surfaces with the methods of scanning probe microscopy
Meyer, G and Gross, L and Repp, J
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Freestanding single-crystalline magnetic structures fabricated by ion bombardment
P Schoenherr, A Bischof, B Boehm, P Eib, S Grimm, SF Alvarado, L Gross, R Allenspach
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Resistless nanofabrication by stencil lithography: A review
O. Vazquez-Mena, L. Gross, S. Xie, L.G. Villanueva, J. Brugger
Microelectronic Engineering132, 236-254, 2015

Manipulation of the Charge State of Single Au Atoms on Insulating Multilayer Films
W. Steurer, J. Repp, L. Gross, I. Scivetti, M. Persson, G. Meyer
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The synthesis and STM / AFM imaging of 'Olympicene' benzo[cd]pyrenes
A. Mistry, B. Moreton, B. Schuler, F. Mohn, G. Meyer, L. Gross, A. Williams, P. Scott, G. Costantini, D. J. Fox
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Atomic Resolution on Molecules with Functionalized Tips
Gross, Leo and Schuler, Bruno and Mohn, Fabian and Moll, Nikolaj and Repp, Jascha and Meyer, Gerhard
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Prospects and Challenges in Molecular Structure Identification by Atomic Force Microscopy
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Image distortions of a partially fluorinated hydrocarbon molecule in atomic force microscopy with carbon monoxide terminated tips
Moll, Nikolaj and Schuler, Bruno and Kawai, Shigeki and Xu, Feng and Peng, Lifen and Orita, Akihiro and Otera, Junzo and Curioni, Alessandro and Neu, Mathias and Repp, Jascha and others
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Contrast formation in Kelvin probe force microscopy of single $\pi$-conjugated molecules
Schuler, Bruno and Liu, Shi-Xia and Geng, Yan and Decurtins, Silvio and Meyer, Gerhard and Gross, Leo
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Image correction for atomic force microscopy images with functionalized tips
M. Neu, N. Moll, L. Gross, G. Meyer, F. J. Giessibl, J. Repp
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Local thickness determination of thin insulator films via localized states
W. Steurer, L. Gross, G. Meyer
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A variable-temperature nanostencil compatible with a low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope/atomic force microscope
Wolfram Steurer, Leo Gross, Reto R. Schlittler, Gerhard Meyer
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85(2), 023706, 2014

From Perylene to a 22-Ring Aromatic Hydrocarbon in One-Pot
Schuler, Bruno and Collazos, Sara and Gross, Leo and Meyer, Gerhard and P{\'e}rez, Dolores and Guiti{\'a}n, Enrique and Pe{\~n}a, Diego
Angewandte Chemie 126(34), 9150--9152, Wiley Online Library, 2014

Investigating atomic contrast in atomic force microscopy and Kelvin probe force microscopy on ionic systems using functionalized tips
Leo Gross, Bruno Schuler, Fabian Mohn, Nikolaj Moll, Niko Pavliček, Wolfram Steurer, Ivan Scivetti, Konstantinos Kotsis, Mats Persson, Gerhard Meyer
Phys. Rev. B 90(15), 155455, 2014
Abstract   00000


Different tips for high-resolution atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy of single molecules
Mohn, Fabian and Schuler, Bruno and Gross, Leo and Meyer, Gerhard
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Chemische Bindungen visualisiert
Bruno Schuler, Fabian Mohn, Nikolaj Moll, Leo Gross, Gerhard Meyer
Physik in unserer Zeit 44(1), 6--7, 2013
Abstract   00000

Adsorption geometry determination of single molecules by atomic force microscopy
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Bond-Order Discrimination by Atomic Force Microscopy
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Imaging the charge distribution within a single molecule
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A combined atomic force microscopy and computational approach for the structural elucidation of breitfussin A and B: Highly modified halogenated dipeptides from Thuiaria breitfussi
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Textbook images of a Molecule
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