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RSM - Precision Healthcare Sensors and Diagnostics
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  IEEE Engineering in Medicin and Biology Society  |  New York Academy of Science

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Detecting and discriminating between different types of bacteria with a low-cost smartphone based optical device and neural network models
Venkat Balagurusamy; Vince Siu; Ashwin Dhinesh Kumar; Sahil Dureja; Joseph Ligman; Prabhakar Kudva; Matt Tong; Donna Dillenberger
Proceedings Volume 11087, Biosensing and Nanomedicine XII, 2019


Bio-inspired silicon nanospikes fabricated by metal-assisted chemical etching for antibacterial surfaces
Hu, Huan and Siu, Vince S and Gifford, Stacey M and Kim, Sungcheol and Lu, Minhua and Meyer, Pablo and Stolovitzky, Gustavo A
Applied Physics Letters 111(25), 253701, AIP Publishing, 2017


A “plasmonic cuvette”: dye chemistry coupled to plasmonic interferometry for glucose sensing
Siu, Vince S and Feng, Jing and Flanigan, Patrick W and Palmore, G Tayhas R and Pacifici, Domenico
Nanophotonics 3(3), 125--140, De Gruyter, 2014


Nanoscale plasmonic interferometers for multispectral, high-throughput biochemical sensing
Feng, Jing and Siu, Vince S and Roelke, Alec and Mehta, Vihang and Rhieu, Steve Y and Palmore, G Tayhas R and Pacifici, Domenico
Nano letters 12(2), 602--609, ACS Publications, 2012


Direct electrochemistry of cytochrome P450 27B1 in surfactant films
Rhieu, Steve Y and Ludwig, Daniel R and Siu, Vince S and Palmore, G Tayhas R
Electrochemistry Communications 11(10), 1857--1860, Elsevier, 2009


Expression of recombinant MDA-BF-1 with a kinase recognition site and a 7-histidine tag for receptor binding and purification
Liang, Albert K and Liu, Jonathan and Mao, Stephen A and Siu, Vince S and Lee, Yu-Chen and Lin, Sue-Hwa
Protein expression and purification 44(1), 58--64, Elsevier, 2005