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Lead Scientist - Watson Genomics
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  American Association for Cancer Research


Emergence of Drift Variants That May Affect COVID-19 Vaccine Development and Antibody Treatment
Koyama T, Weeraratne D, Snowdon JL, Parida L.
Pathogens 9(5), 2020


Sequencing and curation strategies for identifying candidate glioblastoma treatments
Mayu O. Frank, Takahiko Koyama, Kahn Rhrissorrakrai et al.
BMC Medical Genomics, 2019


Evaluating Clinical Genome Sequence Analysis by Watson for Genomics
K. Itahashi, S. Kondo, T. Kubo, Y. Fujiwara, M. Kato, H. Ichikawa, T. Koyama, R. Tokumasu, J. Xu, C. S. Huettner, V. V. Michelini, L. Parida, T. Kohno, N. Yamamoto
Front Med (Lausanne)5, 305, 2018


Comparing sequencing assays and human-machine analyses in actionable genomics for glioblastoma.
Wrzeszczynski KO, Frank MO, Koyama T, Rhrissorrakrai K et al.
Neurology Genetics, 2017


Watson for Genomics: Moving Personalized Medicine Forward
Rhrissorrakrai K., Koyama T., Parida L.
Trends in Cancer, 2016

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