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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Bio-inspired silicon nanospikes fabricated by metal-assisted chemical etching for antibacterial surfaces
Hu H, Siu VS, Gifford SM, Kim SC, Lu M, Rojas PM, Stolovitzky, GA
Applied Physics Letters 111(25), 2017


Nanoscale lateral displacement arrays for the separation of exosomes and colloids down to 20 nm.
Wunsch BH, Smith JT, Gifford SM, Wang C, Brink M, Bruce RL, Austin RH, Stolovitzky G, Astier Y
Nature Nanotechnology, 2016


Enzyme function is regulated by its localization.
Gifford SM, Meyer P
Comput Biol Chem, 2015


Two amino acid residues confer different binding affinities of Abelson family kinase SRC homology 2 domains for phosphorylated cortactin.
Gifford SM, Liu W, Mader CC, Halo TL, Machida K, Boggon TJ, Koleske AJ
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2014


Cortactin in cell migration and cancer at a glance.
MacGrath SM, Koleske AJ
Journal of Cell Science, 2012

Lysozyme contamination facilitates crystallization of a heterotrimeric cortactin-Arg-lysozyme complex.
Liu W, MacGrath SM, Koleske AJ, Boggon TJ
Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun., 2012


Invadopodia: RhoC runs rings around cofilin.
MacGrath SM, Koleske AJ
Current Biology, 2011


Regulation of actin polymerization and adhesion-dependent cell edge protrusion by the Abl-related gene (Arg) tyrosine kinase and N-WASp.
Miller MM, Lapetina S, MacGrath SM, Sfakianos MK, Pollard TD, Koleske AJ
Biochemistry, 2010