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Research Scientist
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Leveraging Clinical Context for User-Centered Explainability: A Diabetes Use Case
Shruthi Chari, Prithwish Chakraborty, Mohamed Ghalwash, Oshani Seneviratne, Elif K Eyigoz, Daniel M Gruen, Fernando Suarez Saiz, Ching-Hua Chen, Pablo Meyer Rojas, Deborah L McGuinness
arXiv preprint arXiv:2107.02359, 2021

Dynamic Content Generation for Augmented Technical Support
Sinem G\"uven Kaya, Bing Zhou, Rohan R Arora, Noah Zheutlin, Gerard Vanloo, Elif K Eyigoz
2021 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality Adjunct (ISMAR-Adjunct), pp. 441--446


Linguistic markers predict onset of Alzheimer's Disease
Elif Eyigoz, Sachin Mathur, Mar Santamaria, Guillermo Cecchi, Melissa Naylor
The Lancet EClinicalMedicine, 2020

Dependency Analysis of Spoken Language for Assessment of Neurological Disorders
E Eyigoz, M Pietrowicz, C Agurto, JR Orozco, AM Garcia, S Skodda, J Rusz, E Noth, G Cecchi
RaPID-2020, Resources and ProcessIng of linguistic, para-linguistic and extra-linguistic Data from people with various forms of cognitive/psychiatric/developmental impairments

Analyzing acoustic and prosodic fluctuations in free speech to predict psychosis onset in high-risk youths
Carla Agurto, Mary Pietrowicz, Raquel Norel, Elif K Eyigoz, Emma Stanislawski, Guillermo Cecchi, Cheryl Corcoran
2020 42nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine \& Biology Society (EMBC), pp. 5575--5579

Identifying signals associated with psychiatric illness utilizing language and images posted to Facebook
ML. Birnbaum, R Norel, A Van Meter, AF. Ali, E Arenare, E Eyigoz, C Agurto, Ni Germano, GA. Cecchi, JM. Kane
npj Schizophrenia, 2020


A New Approach for Automating Analysis of Responses on Verbal Fluency Tests from Subjects At-Risk for Schizophrenia
M. Pietrowicz, C. Agurto, R. Norel, E. Eyigoz, G.A. Cecchi, Z.R. Bilgrami and C.M. Corcoran
Interspeech 2019, pp. 3028-3032

Analyzing progression of motor and speech impairment in ALS
C. Agurto, M. Pietrowicz, E.K. Eyigoz, E. Mosmiller, E. Baxi, J.D. Rothstein, P. Roy, J. Berry, N.J. Maragakis, O. Ahmad, G.A. Cecchi, R. Norel
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society - EMBC, 2019


Predictive linguistic markers of suicidality in poets
C. Agurto, P. Pataranutaporn, E.K. Eyigoz, G. Stolovitzky, and G.A. Cecchi
IEEE 12th International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC), pp. 282-285, 2018

Predicting Cognitive Impairments with a Mobile Application
E. Eyigoz, R. Tejwani and G.A. Cecchi
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence (ICAART 2018) - , pp. 683-692

Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation for Detecting Parkinsons Disease
Elif Eyigoz, Pablo Polosecki, Adolfo M. Garcia, Katharina Rogg, Juan Rafael Orozco-Arroyave, Sabine Skodda, Eugenia Hesse, Agustin Ibanez, Guillermo A. Cecchi
AAAI Workshops, pp. 126-131, 2018
segmentation, parkinson s disease, machine learning, computer science, artificial intelligence


Morphology Modeling for Statistical Machine Translation
Eyigoz, E.
2014 - urresearch.rochester.edu


Multi-rate HMMs for Word Alignment
8th Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation (WMT), pp. 494, 2013

Simultaneous Word-Morpheme Alignment for Statistical Machine Translation
Elif Eyigoz, Daniel Gildea, Kemal Oflazer
Proceedings of the 2013 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies, pp. 32-40
machine translation, morpheme, hidden markov model, speech recognition, expectation maximization algorithm, natural language processing, ibm, computer science, bleu, artificial intelligence


TAG Analysis of Turkish Long Distance Dependencies
Elif Eyigoz
Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar and Related Frameworks (TAG+10), 151-156, 2010
turkish, natural language processing, computer science, artificial intelligence


A Theoretically Computational Lexicon for Turkish Verbs
Elif Eyigoz
eLEX2009, 63


An electronic lexicon for Turkish idiomatic compounds headed by verbs
Elif Eyigoz
Proceedings of the XIII EURALEX International Congress (Barcelona, 15-19 July 2008), 2008, ISBN 978-84-96742-67-3, pags. 345-349, pp. 345-349
lexicon, subcategorization, machine readable dictionary, turkish, syntax, linguistics, natural language processing, computer science, artificial intelligence