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Computational Health Behavior & Decision Science, Center for Computational Health
IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY


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Professional Associations:  American Medical Informatics Association  |  INFORMS

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Optimizing Consumption of Resources
V Bondar, C H Chen-Ritzo, II Rick Allen Hamilton, C A Pickover, R P Williams
US Patent App. 12/551,191


Method and apparatus for dynamic web service client application update
Y. Chen, R. Fang, L.L. Fong, D.C. Frank, L.H. Lam
US Patent 7,822,840


Method and System for Disaster Mitigation Planning and Business Impact Assessment
An, Lianjun and Buckley, Stephen John and Chen-Ritzo, Ching-Hua and Chowdhary, Pawan Raghunath and Ervolina, Thomas Robert and Ford, Daniel A and Frolow, Igor and Lamba, Naveen and Lee, Young Min and Mukkarmala, Prakaah and others
US Patent App. 11/622,705