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Researcher - Brain-inspired Computing
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA



Truenorth ecosystem for brain-inspired computing: scalable systems, software, and applications
Sawada, Jun and Akopyan, Filipp and Cassidy, Andrew S and Taba, Brian and Debole, Michael V and Datta, Pallab and Alvarez-Icaza, Rodrigo and Amir, Arnon and Arthur, John V and Andreopoulos, Alexander and others
Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, pp. 12, 2016

Convolutional Networks for Fast, Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Computing
Esser, Steven K and Merolla, Paul A and Arthur, John V and Cassidy, Andrew S and Appuswamy, Rathinakumar and Andreopoulos, Alexander and Berg, David J and McKinstry, Jeffrey L and Melano, Timothy and Barch, Davis R and others
arXiv preprint arXiv:1603.08270, 2016


Mapping Generative Models onto a Network of Digital Spiking Neurons
Pedroni, Bruno U and Das, Srinjoy and Arthur, John V and Merolla, Paul A and Jackson, Bryan L and Modha, Dharmendra S and Kreutz-Delgado, Kenneth and Cauwenberghs, Gert
2015 -, IEEE

Visual saliency on networks of neurosynaptic cores
Andreopoulos, A and Taba, B and Cassidy, AS and Alvarez-Icaza, R and Flickner, MD and Risk, WP and Amir, A and Merolla, PA and Arthur, JV and Berg, DJ and others
IBM Journal of Research and Development 59(2/3), 9--1, IBM, 2015

Backpropagation for energy-efficient neuromorphic computing
Esser, Steve K and Appuswamy, Rathinakumar and Merolla, Paul and Arthur, John V and Modha, Dharmendra S
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, pp. 1117--1125, 2015


Real-time scalable cortical computing at 46 giga-synaptic OPS/watt with ~100x Speedup in Time-to-Solution and ~100,000x Reduction in Energy-to-Solution
Andrew S Cassidy, Rodrigo Alvarez-Icaza, Filipp Akopyan, Jun Sawada, John V Arthur, Paul A Merolla, Pallab Datta, Marc Gonzalez Tallada, Brian Taba, Alexander Andreopoulos, and others
Proceedings of the international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis, pp. 27--38, 2014

A million spiking-neuron integrated circuit with a scalable communication network and interface
Paul A. Merolla, John V. Arthur, Rodrigo Alvarez-Icaza, Andrew S. Cassidy, Jun Sawada, Filipp Akopyan, Bryan L. Jackson, Nabil Imam, Chen Guo, Yutaka Nakamura, Bernard Brezzo, Ivan Vo, Steven K. Esser, et al.
Science 8 August 2014(6197), 668-673, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Neurogrid: A mixed-analog-digital multichip system for large-scale neural simulations
Ben Varkey Benjamin, Peiran Gao, Emmett McQuinn, Swadesh Choudhary, Anand R Chandrasekaran, J Bussat, Rodrigo Alvarez-Icaza, John V Arthur, PA Merolla, Kwabena Boahen
Proceedings of the IEEE 102(5), 699--716, IEEE, 2014


Cognitive computing building block: A versatile and efficient digital neuron model for neurosynaptic cores
Cassidy, A.S., Merolla, P. ; Arthur, J.V. ; Esser, S.K. ; Jackson, B. ; Alvarez-Icaza, R. ; Datta, P. ; Sawada, J. ; Wong, T.M. ; Feldman, V. ; Amir, A. ; Rubin, D.B.-D. ; Akopyan, F. ; McQuinn, E. ; Risk, W.P. ; Modha, D.S.
Proceedings of IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2013)

A multicast tree router for multichip neuromorphic systems
Paul Merolla, John Arthur, Rodrigo Alvarez, J-M Bussat, Kwabena Boahen
2013 -, IEEE

Cognitive Computing Systems: Algorithms and Applications for Networks of Neurosynaptic Cores
S.K. Esser, A. Andreopoulos, R. Appuswamy, P. Datta, D. Barch, A. Amir, J. Arthur, A. Cassidy, M. Flickner, P. Merolla, S. Chandra, N. Basilico, S. Carpin, T. Zimmerman, F. Zee, R.A. Icaza, J.A. Kusnitz, T.M. Wong, W.P. Risk, E. McQuinn, T.K. Nayak, R. Si
Proceedings of IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2013), pp. 1--10, IEEE


Implementation of olfactory bulb glomerular-layer computations in a digital neurosynaptic core
N. Imam, T.A. Cleland, R. Manohar, P.A. Merolla, J.V. Arthur, F. Akopyan, D.S. Modha
Frontiers in Neuroscience6, Frontiers Media SA, 2012

Building block of a programmable neuromorphic substrate: A digital neurosynaptic core
John V Arthur, Paul A Merolla, Filipp Akopyan, Rodrigo Alvarez, Andrew Cassidy, Shyamal Chandra, Steven K Esser, Nabil Imam, William Risk, Daniel Ben Dayan Rubin, others
Neural Networks (IJCNN), The 2012 International Joint Conference on, pp. 1--8

A Digital Neurosynaptic Core Using Event-Driven QDI Circuits
N. Imam, F. Akopyan, J. Arthur, P. Merolla, R. Manohar, D.S. Modha
Asynchronous Circuits and Systems (ASYNC), 2012 18th IEEE International Symposium on, pp. 25--32

A Superposable Silicon Synapse with Programmable Reversal Potential
B.V. Benjamin, J.V. Arthur, P. Gao, P. Merolla, K. Boahen
International Conference of the IEEE Engineering and Medicine in Biology Society, 2012


Silicon-neuron design: A dynamical systems approach
J.V. Arthur, K.A. Boahen
Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, IEEE Transactions on 58(5), 1034--1043, IEEE, 2011

A digital neurosynaptic core using embedded crossbar memory with 45pJ per spike in 45nm
P. Merolla, J. Arthur, F. Akopyan, N. Imam, R. Manohar, D.S. Modha
Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC), 2011 IEEE, pp. 1--4

Neuromorphic silicon neuron circuits
G. Indiveri, B. Linares-Barranco, T.J. Hamilton, A. Van Schaik, R. Etienne-Cummings, T. Delbruck, S.C. Liu, P. Dudek, P. H\"afliger, S. Renaud, others
Frontiers in neuroscience5, Frontiers Media SA, 2011


The thermodynamic temperature of a rhythmic spiking network
P. Merolla, T. Ursell, J. Arthur
arXiv preprint arXiv:1009.5473, 2010


An in-silico neural model of dynamic routing through neuronal coherence
D. Sridharan, B. Percival, J. Arthur, K. Boahen
Adv. Neural Inf. Process. Syst20, Citeseer, 2008


Synchrony in silicon: The gamma rhythm
J.V. Arthur, K.A. Boahen
Neural Networks, IEEE Transactions on 18(6), 1815--1825, IEEE, 2007

Expandable networks for neuromorphic chips
P.A. Merolla, J.V. Arthur, B.E. Shi, K.A. Boahen
Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, IEEE Transactions on 54(2), 301--311, IEEE, 2007


Learning in silicon: timing is everything
J Arthur, Kwabena Boahen
Advances in neural information processing systems18, 75, MIT; 1998, 2006


Neuromorphic implementation of orientation hypercolumns
T.Y.W. Choi, P.A. Merolla, J.V. Arthur, K.A. Boahen, B.E. Shi
Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, IEEE Transactions on 52(6), 1049--1060, IEEE, 2005


Recurrently connected silicon neurons with active dendrites for one-shot learning
John V Arthur, Kwabena Boahen
Neural Networks, 2004. Proceedings. 2004 IEEE International Joint Conference on, pp. 1699--1704

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