Center for Computational Health - NECHS (NorthEast Computational Health Summit)

Starting in 2017, the Center for Computational Health at IBM Research has hosted or co-hosted an annual summit focused on bringing together computational health researchers and practitioners in the NorthEastern United States.  This summit is now called NECHS - NorthEast Computational Summit.

Each year the theme is slightly different, but the focus remains on helping to support the growth of this field and in particular, to foster communication and collaboration among its practitioners.

Each year the summit has been held in a different location in the NorthEast and all but the first have been done in partnership with another organization.  The first summit was by invitation only, but starting with the second year, there has been an open Call for Participation as well as open registration available.  While the exact date varies, the summit is usually held in the early spring and the CFP is usually out early in the year.

Detais of the first three years' events are below and we look forward to seeing you at a future event!



     3rd NorthEast Computational Health Summit (NECHS):   
     Personal and Population Health in the Digital Era

     Hosted by IBM Research & Brown University

      April 26, 2019
      Providence, RI



     2nd NorthEast Computational Health Summit (NECHS):
     AI in Healthcare

       Hosted by the MIT/IBM AI Lab

       April 27, 2018
       Cambridge, MA



     1st IBM Computational Health Summit

     Hosted by IBM Research & Brown University

      May 23, 2017
      Yorktown Heights, NY