Device Symbiosis     



Device Symbiosis - Celadon with Korean Govt


Members: JH Han, Hyunki Jang,SeungEui Jin, Myungchul Lee, Sean Lee, Scott McFaddin, YS Moon, Chandra Narayanaswami,YoungSang Paik, Jin Woo Park, MT Raghunath, Marcel C Rosu, Danny Soroker

This was a project on Device Symbiosis with IBM Ubiquitous Computing Lab, Korea and the Korean Ministry for Information and Communication for the IT839 initiative in Korea. This project explored software infrastructure and device software necessary for promoting synergy between various mobile devices and stationary devices deployed in service zones to overcome inherent limitations in mobile devices and provide zone-based services. Aspects of exploration include personalized service and device discovery, dynamic generation of interfaces for services, ontologies for service and user preferences, programming models for simplified interaction, and overall system efficiency.

The video can be downloaded here in case it does not load in the browser.



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