Next Generation Mobile System - WatchPad1.5

WatchPad 1.5

WatchPad 1.5 features WatchPad 1.5

  • QVGA (320 x 240 dots) reflective monochrome liquid crystal display w/ touch panel
  • Modified winding crown switch and a button which can be operated by a thumb
  • Bluetooth short range wireless connectivity (voice-enabled)
  • Security feature by adding fingerprint sensor
  • Accelerator sensor switch acts according to arm movement
  • Extended internal battery life
  • A cradle which can accommodate dry batteries
  • Latest Linux version 2.4 used as operating system

WatchPad 1.5 appearance

IBMカラー・正面 CITIZENカラー・正面
IBMカラー・横 CITIZENカラー・横
IBM colorCITIZEN color