Principles and Methodologies - Staff

Research Staff

  • Miklos Ajtai (emeritus): Complexity theory, cryptography, lattice-based algorithms.
  • Ken Clarkson: Computational geometry, design and analysis of algorithms, optimization.
  • Ronald Fagin: Logic, complexity theory, database principles, reasoning about knowledge, information retrieval.
  • Phokion Kolaitis: Logic in computer science, computational complexity, database theory.
  • Nimrod Megiddo: Optimization, machine learning. 




Ron Fagin elected to National Academy of Sciences

IBM Fellow Ron Fagin was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Ron is the only IBMer who is now a member of three national academies.

Tribute to John Backus

A tribute to John Backus, one of the first members of our Theory Group, written by Alex Aiken