Almaden Institute - 2001 : Grand Challenges in Nanotechnology

Don Eigler, Stuart Parkin, Tom Theis, and Bob Scranton are hosting a working meeting: The Almaden Institute Symposium: Grand Challenges in Nanotechnology. on April 23 to 25, 2001. This meeting is cosponsored by the National Science Foundation and UCSB. This is the first meeting to be held under the auspices of the Almaden Institute whose objective is to develop interactions between scientists and technologists at the IBM Research - Almaden and those in academia, government laboratories and other research institutes. The goal of the Almaden Institute is to encourage and broaden IBM's activities at the forefront of science and technology, particularly those which may be important to IBM in the coming decades.

An additional goal of the Almaden Institute Symposium: Grand Challenges in Nanotechnology is to develop a set of science and technology grand challenges, which, when met, will help to bring to fruition the enormous but as yet largely unfilled promise of Nanotechnology. We have put together an exciting agenda that will include invited talks from people doing some of the most important and novel (if not notorious) work in the field. Speakers include three Nobel laureates (Smalley, Stormer, Binnig), leading edge biologists and chemists (Belcher, Benner, Morse), the molecular electronics prophets (Heath, Reed), and the reduced dimensionalists (Devoret, Marcus). The meeting will also include IBM Research executives (Horn, Isaac, Morris) and leading representatives (past and present) from the major government funding agencies (e.g. Neal Lane, Mike Roco, Mildred Dresselhaus).