Almaden Institute - 2002 : Autonomic Computing

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The goal of the Almaden Institute is to encourage and broaden activity at the forefront of science and technology around a specific area of research. We are working to achieve this with a distinguished annual conference at the IBM Research - Almaden that facilitates collaboration among scientists and technologists at IBM Research and those in academia, government laboratories, funding agencies and other research institutions.

Autonomic Computing
Autonomic Computing represents an exciting new research direction in computing. IBM believes that the spiraling cost of managing the increasing complexity of computing systems is one of the biggest single issues threatening to undermine the future growth and societal benefits of information technology, and proposes a solution inspired by the human body: autonomic computing. The goal is to create computing networks and systems that -- like the biological analog -- hide complexity from the user and deliver much greater value than today's systems can. These new systems need to be self-managing, self-configuring, self-healing, self-protecting, and continuously self-optimizing.

Autonomic Computing

The Autonomic Computing vision will require contributions from academic research labs, the industry, and government organizations. It will also require contributions from a variety of disciplines including systems management, distributed computing, networking, operations research, software development, storage, artificial intelligence, and control theory, among others. The goal of the Almaden Institute on Autonomic Computing is to bring together visionaries from a variety of backgrounds to explore specific research issues and create cross-disciplinary collaborations in this emerging field.