Almaden Institute - 2003 : Symposium on Privacy

The goal of the Almaden Institute is to encourage and broaden activity at the forefront of science and technology around a specific area of research. This distinguished annual conference facilitates collaboration among scientists and technologists in academia, government, business, funding agencies and other research institutions. The topics for 2001 and 2002 covered nanotechnology and autonomic computing (respectively); the 2003 Almaden Institute, to be held April 9-11, 2003, will focus on Privacy.

Privacy For Data Systems

The explosive advances in processor power, storage capacity and network connectivity is enabling the creation of unprecedented quantities of digital information. Experts estimate that the amount of data in the world is doubling every 20 months. This escalating figure is raising concerns about privacy for data systems.

The goal of this year's Institute is to identify the issues surrounding privacy and data systems and chart a path for the future of research in this area. The program will bring together more than 100 scientists, technologists and industry experts to critically examine a variety of specific industry initiatives, real-world case studies and international legislation and policies, and review the legal and ethical perspectives around privacy for data systems.