Accessibility and Aging     


Accessibility and Aging - overview

IBM has a long history of inclusion and innovation. IBM Research is a pioneer in driving digital accessibility. Our research teams around the world have been actively taking leadership roles, such as conference chairs, program committee members, and journal editors. Our publications have won academic awards. Our people have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to accessibility: Chieko Asakawa and Jim Thatcher are two examples among our researchers who are passionate about and committed to accessibility.

As aging becomes a global challenge, it is important for us to push the boundaries and tackle the most difficult problems in the demographic that suffers the most from disabilities. With IBM's leadership in AI and other advanced technology, we have the opportunity to take Accessibility and Aging research to the next level.

The mission of the Accessibility and Aging PIC will be to advance IBM's leadership in Accessibility and Aging research:

(a) to promote key collaborations with top universities and academic researchers;
(b) to improve our access to, and pipeline of, top PhD students;
(c) to promote the development of an ecosystem that enables and amplifies dissemination and consuming of inclusive technology research results; (d) to build on our strong reputation in the field and raise IBM’s profile at key venues through sponsorship.

The key academic conferences for the Accessibility and Aging PIC are:

In addition to conferences are the following journals: