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Soft Matter Science - overview


The department aims to address important questions and problems in soft matter, particularly biomaterials, where physics meets chemistry meets biology. We cover a wide range of research activities, ranging from computational structural biology, biomolecular dynamics, multiscale modeling of bio-nano interface, proteomics, to petrochemical modeling, using high performance computing (HPC) such as IBM Blue Gene supercomputers. The group pursues a broad but well grounded approach to leverage and expand upon our existing techniques for scientific and technological advancement.




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  • Otitoaleke G. Akinola
  • Matteo Castelli
  • Camilo Jimenez
  • Yuxing Peng
  • Michael Pitman
  • Raul Araya Secchi
  • Frank Suits
  • Jacinta Wubben
  • Zhen Xia
  • Payel Das