POC Diagnostic & Sensing Research Capabilities     


POC Diagnostic & Sensing Research Capabilities - overview

An integrated demonstration diagnostic sensor and system

IBM T.J. Watson Research Team is driving research into bio-nano point of care (POC) sensors, miniaturized electronic patient monitoring solutions and closed loop patient quality of life enhancements.

Low cost POC diagnostics, non-invasive sensor systems and implantable devices support detection and monitoring of clinically relevant biomarkers and physiological patient medical parameters. Our healthcare systems target longevity and reproducibility of the sensing surfaces for accurate point of care diagnostics. These systems support diagnostics and sensor data for patient monitoring, trending insights and actionable recommendations, drug delivery and adherence verification.

These healthcare technologies and solutions have industry disruptive opportunities for future   generations of wearable and flexible smart sensors with point-of-care diagnostics.

Our capabilities include fabricating electrochemical, electrical, and optical sensors with integrated microfluidics, modifying and functionalizing surfaces with various types of biomolecules (i.e. antibodies, DNA, and enzymes), as well as culturing bacterial cells for preliminary anti-microbial testing.  These integrated micro-systems aim to provide quality of life enhancements for care across client needs in healthcare.

Group Members

  • John Knickerbocker
  • Vince Siu
  • Minhua Lu