ThinkQ 2015 - Challenges and applications for medium size quantum computers - overview

Recent breakthroughs in the exciting area of Quantum Computing have paced the field towards new heights. With experimental progress now knocking at the door of medium-sized quantum computing systems, IBM is excited to host ThinkQ 2015, to gather the influencers and innovators in this growing field, exploring this new paradigm of information processing. 

Following the success of our previous conference, "What do we do with a small quantum computer?", we look to re-visit the thought-provoking problem again, and ask to survey the challenges and potential applications in near term systems. ThinkQ will bring together experts in the broader field of quantum computing, and exchange not just our thoughts about the current status of various quantum technologies but also emphasize the tremendous challenges ahead. Invited speakers are encouraged to pinpoint specific technical areas which are anticipated to be upcoming road blocks towards larger quantum computing systems. We hope to increase the awareness of the critical tasks ahead, and help identify potential technical focus areas and applications in common across quantum computing platforms, with a mild emphasis on superconducting qubits (the experimental technology of choice for our IBM Research team).

Besides targeting the general experimental and theoretical quantum computing community, IBM is also seeking participation and attendance from business and technology thought leaders, interested in becoming educated in this novel and growing information processing realm. 



Invited Speakers

Rob Schoelkopf (Yale)
David Cory (IQC)
Isaac Chuang (MIT)
William D. Oliver (LL/MIT)
Ed Farhi (MIT)
David DiVincenzo (RWTH Aachen)
Philip Walther (University of Vienna)
Christopher Monroe (JQI)
Scott Aaronson (MIT)
Peter Zoller (Innsbruck)
David Poulin (Sherbrooke)
Philippe Grangier (Institut d’Optique)
Andrea Morello (UNSW)


December 2-4, 2015


IBM TJ Watson Research Center Yorktown Heights, NY

Organizing Committee

Jay Gambetta, IBM
Matthias Steffen, IBM
Jerry Chow, IBM