AI Interaction     


AI Interaction - overview

The IBM Cognitive User Experience (CUE) Lab in Cambridge envisions, builds, and studies novel Cognitive Computing  technologies and solutions.

Our research approach combines user experience with applied analytics. We are focused on three areas: (1) industry-specific cognitive solutions that support complex real-world decision-making  in the aviation domain, (2) enterprise virtual assistants that use conversational natural language to offer task- and knowledge-oriented suggestions to employees, and (3) cognitive social solutions that apply analytics and machine learning to collaboration tools  to guide knowledge workers toward actionable insights and effective collaborative results.

Recent News


  • In January Researchers Casey Dugan, James Johnson, Werner Geyer were organizing the annual Innovation Lab at COnnect 2016 in Orlando showcasing Cognitive Computing technologies for social collaboration.


  • At Interact 2015, we had 1 workshop on selfies, 1 full paper and 1 short paper accepted. Way to go CUE!

  • CHI & IUI crunch. Our team submitted 5 papers to CHI this year and 1 to IUI. Some of this work was done together with our awesome summer interns this year: Di Lu, Shion Guha, Alex Bigelow, Vera Liao. Congrats and good luck!

  • On May 7, Boston Business Journal named Casey Dugan a "2015 Woman to Watch" and recognized IBM's continued innovation in the area of social technologies.

  • On April 23, Michael Muller, Werner Geyer & Sadat Shami received a CHI Honorable Mention Award for their paper on engagement analytics.

  • In March, Michael Muller, Werner Geyer, Dan Gruen, Nat Mills, Kate Ehrlich and Steve Ross received Outstanding Technical Accomplishments and Research Division Awards for their work on collectiive intelligence (Enterprise Crowdfunding and Collaborative Decision Making)

  • In January, researchers Megan Monroe, Casey Dugan and Werner Geyer presented their most recent work at the ConnectED conference in Orlando.

  • Jan 2015: We just got news that we'll be hosting RecSys 2016 in Boston together with MIT. Werner Geyer will be co-general chair together with Shilad Sen from Macalester.