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Programming Languages & Software Engineering - overview

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Programming Languages and Software Engineering (PLSE) Research at IBM has a vibrant global community and a long history, going back to the initial design and implementation of FORTRAN. Researchers at IBM have developed many influential technologies and techniques across nearly all sub-areas of the field, including language design, compilers and runtime systems, development processes and methodologies, software verification, and software development tools.

The mission of the PLSE PIC is to facilitate collaborations and discussions inside and outside IBM on subjects related to programming languages and software engineering through (but not only) targeted workshops and seminars.

Current projects and focus

We conduct research in almost all subareas in our field, including:

  • Programming Language Design and Implementation.
  • Performance Analysis of Multi-Tier Systems.
  • Modeling and Design Tools.
  • Multi-core, Hybrid, and Cluster Programming.
  • Performance and Optimization Tools.
  • Software Quality via Program Analysis and Verification.
  • Security.
  • Software for Embedded Devices.
  • Software Product Lines.
  • Software Development Processes and Methodologies.
  • Unit Testing, Continuous Integration and Deployment.