Artificial Intelligence for Optimization     


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Artificial Intelligence for Optimization - overview

At the frontier of Operations Research, Algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence, our group focuses on hard combinatorial, continuous, and stochastic search problems as they arise in the context of real-world applications. To develop ever more efficient and robust solution algorithms we integrate methods from mathematical programming, approximation theory, as well as logic and probabilistic reasoning techniques.

Our ultimate goal is to provide software systems that can tackle real-world applications efficiently. At the same time, we abstract and generalize originally problem-tailored approaches and define standard solution methods that facilitate algorithm design and algorithm engineering for optimization.

Core Team Members:

Jayant R Kalagnanam

Ali Koc

Dung Phan

Chandra Reddy

 ASHISH SABHARWAL photo Ashish Sabharwal

HORST C. SAMULOWITZ photoHorst Samulowitz

 MEINOLF SELLMANN photo Meinolf Sellmann