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AI Security & Privacy Solutions - overview


The AI Security & Privacy Solutions group at IBM Research-Almaden works under the AI Platforms organization, and is based in San Jose, CA. Nathalie Baracaldo leads the group. As such, the group works to make AI platforms safe and private for all stakeholders.

Adoption of machine learning exposes enterprises to novel security and privacy risks; in order to ensure that implementation is successful and secure, these risks need to be addressed. In this effort, our group develops solutions to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities and risks inherent to machine learning systems. In particular, our team targets risk related to adversarial machine learning attacks and risk of privacy exposure through the use of federated learning.

  • Our research on adversarial machine learning focuses on identifying threats to the training and deployment of learned systems, and developing corresponding defense strategies. Learn more about our efforts here
  • Our group also focuses on federated learning to prevent privacy leakages by ensuring models can be trained collaboratively without transmitting data to a central place, ensuring no inference attacks can occur during or based on the final machine learning model trained. 

Please find more information about our work in the interactive experiences and publications linked below, and on our website!


Check our IBM federated learning git repo and learn how to use it with our tutorials. This is an industry ready framework. Also, take a look at our white paper!  

      FFL Podcast           

      Data Science Podcast - Federated learning, special guest Nathalie Baracaldo           


Our federated learning (FL) book is now available. It provides a comprehensive overview of relevant state-of-the-art topics in FL including security and privacy, machine learning challenges and developments, personalization, robustness, AI fairness, split and vertical FL, among others. Chapters were contributed by multiple top researchers around the world.  Available on Amazon, Springer and Google books

      FFL Demo 

       Demo: understanding federated learning     


      Fool the AI Game         

      Want to learn about neural networks' backdoors and how to defend them? Play our interactive game! 



Articles, Blog Posts and other resources

Check our talk on What is federated learning and why it matters? where we explain some of our work on training neural networks in federated learning settings and the capabilities of IBM federated learning (May 2020)

Beyond AutoML: Scaling & Automating AI, Lisa Amini, Nathalie Baracaldo, et al presentation at NeurIPs 2020 Paper on XGBoost highlighted can be found here  

We presented our research on Federated decision tree and gradient boost. Integrating multiple federated models (June 2020)

Our research on Federated Learning was highlighted at Think2020 (minute 42): IBM Think Digital Event Experience

Demo: How does federated learning work? 

Play our game: Fool the AI

Private federated learning: Learn together without sharing data (Nov. 2019)

Use cases for federated learning (Jan. 2020)

Slides  USENIX2019 paper 

Slides Hybrid Alpha AISec2019 slides

SAFEAI 2019 - Best Paper Award

Some of our  work is contributed to ART Toolkit: The Adversarial Robustness Toolbox v0.3.0: Closing the Backdoor in AI Security



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An arXiv preprint version can be found at
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