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Manager Hybrid Cloud Data Platforms
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



Doug Dykeman manages the Hybrid Cloud Data Platforms research group at the IBM Research Zurich Laboratory.

Our work contributes to the overall effort by IBM Research on Hybrid Cloud:

The emergence of containers and container orchestration solutions (in particular Kubernetes) have significantly simplified application management in hybrid cloud environments.  Our group is focused on developing technologies to simplify the management of data in hybrid clouds to support the development of cloud solutions (applications + data).

The focus areas of the team include:

  • Hybrid Cloud Data Discovery (Pathfinder): Global enterprises have a large number of geographically distributed data stores managed by different parts of the organization, for different purposes, using different technologies. Rather than building a new set of tools for governing and processing data, Pathfinder is a dedicated control systems built on top of existing data stores and catalogs that allow the enterprise to unify its view of data across the entire enterprise.
  • Hybrid Cloud Data Movement (Duplo): Based on Kubernetes operators and Spark for data movement, Duplo's data distribution controller allows data to be moved between different data stores.  It supports a wide range of cloud and on-prem data stores, both snapshot and streaming modes of data distribution, and supports transforming data during distribution.
  • Continuous Compliance: Traditional enterprise data stores are "walled gardens".  Security and compliance are enforced by only allowing authorized users access to the data platform and not allowing data to be exported. To fully exploit the power of hybrid clouds data must be accessible beyond such environments.  Security and compliance controls need to produce metadata on an ongoing basis regarding the state of enterprise systems and data. Policies that control the use of systems and data must be compliance aware, and exploit this metadata to make usage decisions in real time.

Doug has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, Canada.