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CTO Quantum Computing
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  IEEE, Senior Member


Dr. Wisnieff joined IBM in 1986 after earning a Ph.D. in applied physics and has spent his career with IBM Research. He currently is the Department Group Manager for government projects and Central Scientific Services. Prior to assuming his present position he served as Senior Manager of  the Microelectronics Research Laboratory,  Interconnect Technology and the Advanced Display Technology Laboratory, prior to that he spent a year in a staff position for the Research Vice Present of Strategy and Planning. Prior to that position, he pursued applied research and held first level management positions in the flat panel display research program. His research contributions include mathematical modeling of the limits of active matrix liquid crystal display performance, including software to model the front of screen performance of displays and invention of an array tester to allow pixel level fault isolation after active matrix fabrication and prior to cell assembly.

 Dr, Wisnieff has served as a member (and current Chairman) of the Advisory Group on Electron Devices (AGED) for the US Department of Defense. Dr. Wisnieff is also a member of the Defense Science Board for the US Department of Defense.

 Dr. Wisnieff was raised in New York and Connecticut, studied at Tufts University, where he received a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Physics in 1980, and earned a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Yale University in 1986. He is a member of the IEEE and SID. He has served as Program Chair and General Chair of the SID Symposium, Secretary and Treasurer of the SID and has served on program committees for the IEEE and SID.  He received an IBM Corporate Award for the invention of the TFT array tester in 1993.