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Research Staff Member @ Digital Health
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA




I use math and computing to bring insight to complex biological problems. Recently I have been working on collaboration-by-competition projects; since 2010 I have contributed to the DREAM project as an organizer and scorer.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, where I wrote my thesis on “Algorithms for Protein Docking” while co-authoring 10 papers on the subject. I also have an MSc in Computer Science from Weizmann Institute of Science, with a thesis on “A Model for the Adjustment of the Mitotic Clock by cyclin and PMF levels”; this work is published in Science. I also earned a BSc in Engineering Sciences from Universidad de Chile.

The PLoS Collection of DREAM papers


On 2015 I earned The Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA,  the highest technical award of IBM) at IBM for "Crowdsourcing As a New Paradigm for Biomedical Research: the DREAM and Improver Projects".

On 2016 I earned an A level Science Accomplishment Award at IBM for "Speech and Text Analytics for Detecting Neuropsychiatric Conditions".

On 2017 I was recognized with an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA) by demonstrating the Practice: Restlessly Reinvent IBM and Ourselves for my work on Psych-e.

On 2019 I earned the Research Division Award (RDA) for our work on Parkinson's Disease Monitoring and Measurement. 

On 2021 I was recognized with an Outstanding Research Accomplishment Award for Scientific Discoveries on Disease Progression.