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Researcher, Ph. D
IBM Research - Tokyo


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Professional Associations:  ACM Senior Member  |  IBM Academy of Technology  |  Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)

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My research interests include improving performance and memory efficiency of programming language runtime systems, such as Java™ VM, and enterprise applications, running both on bare hardware, on hypervisor, or in containers.

I joined IBM in 1990, and I was also involved in production development projects, including development of an emulator of IBM PC on AIX, which is something similar to the open source emulator QEMU.

I joined IBM Research - Tokyo in 1997, and I was involved in analysis and optimization of Java runtime environment, including development of interpreter and JIT compiler for Java.

My recent research area is performacne improvment of OpenJDK for POWER architecture. Before this project, I was warking on memory efficiency in container-based cloud data center, analysis and reduction of memory footprint of Java programs.


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