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Programming Languages and Software Engineering
IBM Research Lab, New Delhi, India


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I am a member of research staff in the Programming Languages and Software Engineering (PLSE) department at IBM Research - India. I received my Bachelor of Technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 1996. My research interests lie in the area of enhancing the productivity of software engineers at various tasks that they perform during software development, maintenance, and testing. Till date, I have investigated the areas of Model Driven Engineering (MDE), program analysis and software debugging. My current research focus is on Development Operations (DevOps) related to migrating to, and programming in and for, the Cloud.

Among other things, I have enjoyed programming - a) PowerPoint to become a live modeling, and model execution engine; b) a powerpoint/visio diagram interpreter, that attempts to understand and transform informal diagrams to formal models; and c) an interrogative debugger for SAP's ABAP!