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Cloud Cyber Security
Haifa Research Lab (HRL)


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More information:  The Network Hypervisor  |  Swift (Openstack)  |  Security of CPS/OT


I am an IBM Researcher - currently active as an open-source contributor to Knative where I develop Guard - a security solution using Machine Learning to achieve Security-Behavior monitoring and control of Knative services - See Guard on Github. I am also active in #sig-security of the Kubernetes community promoting Security Behavior monitoing and control for Microservices.  I am further active as an IBM Developer Advocate and contributing to the IBM Cloud Code Engine

In recent years, my focus is on runtime-security of cloud workloads. As part of this work, I helped the Cloud Security Alliance develop a Security Threat Model for users of serverless services and developed a runtime-security solution to address some of the more critical issues identified as part of the Security Threat Model.

I joined IBM Research in 2008 to research and develop a first-of-a-kind Software Virtual Network (SDN) which we named then the “Network Hypervisor” (see  AbstractedNetworks). Later, my research focus moved to object-store, as part of which I contributed to openstack/swift.

Prior to joining IBM, I had been working for 15 years in the Israeli Startup realm, during which, I was the Entrepreneur and CEO of Netish Inc., developing a distributed service to help address the IT needs of Small and Home businesses. This endeavor was doomed to fail, due to the dot com bubble burst...

My M.Sc. studies from TAU (2011) were in Machine Learning (focusing on brain inspired adaptive memory mechanisms). I previously completed an MBA in Marketing and Management from TAU (1999) and a B.Sc. summa cum laude in computer engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (1995).  

My Blog: https://davidhadas.wordpress.com/ 

Prior work in IBM included:

  • Runtime Security for IBM Cloud services
  • IoT Security
  • Object Store + Swift/Openstack
  • Networks and network virtualization (in the early days, before it was a thing)
  • Distributed Algorithms
  • Virtualization, hypervisors
  • C L O U D S et al.