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Storage Brand Sales CSP/TSP



I am passionate about helping clients improve their business outcomes.
Boosting organizational competitiveness.
⚡ Passion for disruptive Innovation and smart concepts.⚡
Who I am?
Technologist, business leader, and fan of wild ducks. I believe innovation starts with insane curiosity, passion for lifelong learning, and relentless focus on what’s next.
I am proud to work for a company that has been changing the way the world works for clients for over 100 years. At IBM, we are driving the future of digital transformation with advanced technology, industry expertise, and trust.
I am personally known as an energetic and passionate teamplayer of generation X who brings a different perspective to the table. Compelling, agile and disruptive. Digital pioneer and vanguard with a Client Service Mindset. Senior Principal Coach within the Advanced Sales Coaching Practice.

Focus or experiences on:
Digital Reinvention, Digital Transformation, Business Consulting, Management Consulting, IT-Consulting, IT Solutions

Smarter Storage Solutions, Transformational Storage, AI-infused Storage, Storage Modernization, Storage Optimization, Modern Data Protection, Hybrid-Multi-Cloud, Open-Hybrid-Cloud

Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Applications, Marketing Automation, Omni-Channel-Management, Cognitive Engagement Solutions, Cognitive Marketing, Cognitive Commerce, Customer Journey, Digital Experience Management, #WatsonMarketing, #WatsonCommerce, IBM Marketing Cloud / Campaign Automation, Digital Marketing,
Smarter Processes, Interoperability Management, Integration & Connectivity, vertical integration, horizontal integration, Industrie 4.0/5.0, API Economy, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Digital Experience Analytics, IT Service Management, DevOps,
Hardware, Software, integrated Services, Operation, Finance - all delivered through one touchpoint.

Protecting the World's Data.
Helping you to unleash the potential of YOUR data and simply use YOUR #data and YOUR #storage #smarter with the #StorageIndustryLeader. Data custodian.
#IBMStorageRocks with #ArtificialIntelligence #AI