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Tokyo Research Laboratory, Yamato, Japan




About Me

My interest is "Future Communication", it contains various kinds of technologies/research areas. My current role is a Security Researcher, and the idea "security" is not so simple thing because security research area ranges from encryption algorithm which is completely mathematics to more practical technologies such as biometric authentication or cyberattack detection. Each of these security technologies is respectively an essential factor of our everyday life, though we don't usually consider that. So I want to create the future society and the future communication technology through my research in security area. And I am also interested in public relations of IBM Research - Tokyo. Most of academic students (including the old me) don't know what a researcher in the company is. Now, I'm considering how to let them know it and want to contribute to this kind of activity.


Brief Personal History

  • I was born in Chiba, Japan in 1992.
  • I graduated Waseda University in 2016.
  • I received M.E. degree in Applied Mechanics from Waseda University in 2018.
  • I joined IBM Research - Tokyo in 2018 as a Security Researcher, and currently I'm working on designing future network security models in the context of AI and other new technologies.
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