Project Name

Productivity Tools and Software Engineering

The research agenda of the Productivity Tools and Software Engineering department focuses on improving productivity in software development lifecycle, and quality of infrastructure and application services delivery. Our agenda is driven specifically by the needs of the infrastructure and application services industry. Our research uses many core techniques, such as static and dynamic program analysis, model-driven development, text analytics, machine learning, discrete event simulation, and optimization techniques. In addition to developing new technologies that have a significant business impact, we strive for broader scientific impact by publishing our research in top software engineering and service computing conferences.

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Recent Highlights

  • Satish Chandra delivered the tutorial "Symbolic Techniques for Program Debugging and Repair" at ESEC/FSE 2013 (August 2013)
  • Nishant Sinha presented the paper titled "Compiling Mockups to Flexible UIs" at ESEC/FSE 2013 (August 2013)
  • Diptikalyan Saha presented the paper titled "Distributed Program Tracing" at ESEC/FSE 2013 (August 2013)
  • Satish Chandra co-organized "The Future of Debugging" workshop at ISSTA 2013 (July 2013)
  • Pranavadatta Devaki presented the paper titled "Efficient and Flexible GUI Test Execution via Test Merging" at ISSTA 2013 (July 2013)
  • Suresh Thummalapenta presented the papers titled "Guided Test Generation for Web Applications" and "Efficient and Change-Resilient Test Automation: An Industrial Case Study" at ICSE 2013 (May 2013)