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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Detailed Professional Experience in IBM Research

2014 - today Cloud Server Technologies
Conception and architecture of high-density, low-power cloud servers

2010 - 2014 Datacenter Optimization
Conception, architecture and focal point for future Power Architecture Systems I/O units

2008 - 2009 Assignment at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, USA
Conception of parts of an I/O subsystem for the next generation Power Architecture System

2008 Server Technologies
Performance evaluation of an I/O adapter for a High Performance Computer

2004 - 2006 FP6-STREP project "DIADEM"
(Distributed adaptive security by programmable firewall)
Function: IBM project lead
IBM contribution: Proprietary HW classification engine

2003 - 2008 I/O Network Architecture
Architecture, design, implementation and verification of various control units of an Infiniband Host Channel Adapter and link interface.

2000 - 2003 Network Processor HW
Design and performance analysis of component-based network processor architectures. Architectural definition of a HW-implemented search and classification engine for network traffic.

1999 - 2000 High-Speed Adapters
Architectural exploration, definition, and performance evaluation of a load-balancer architecture for the parallel operation of multiple network processors.

Professional Activities

  • 2006 - today IBM Research Technical Advocate for South Africa / Johannesburg Territory
  • 2004 - 2008 Vice Chair of IEEE Section Switzerland
  • 2002 - 2004 Member of the Executive Committee of IEEE Section Switzerland