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Research Staff Member
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



I finished my PhD in graph theory in 2007 at Eotvos University, Budapest. From 2007 I worked in the Data Mining and Search Research Group of the Hungarian Computer Science Institute (SZTAKI), Budapest, and from 2009 I was a research associate in the Optimization Group at Zuse Institut, Berlin. I joined IBM Research Lab, Zurich, in 2011.

In IBM I am and was working on various industrial projects, mostly optimization.

  • urban railways: I am the sole developer of an urban rail and passenger simulator written in C++, developed for a large Asian
  • route optimization in railway and road networks
  • smart grid: we designed a novel way to aggregate the energetic flexibility of energy systems with polytope approximation
  • statistical methods in revenue management: a large European railway company could increase yearly revenues by appr. USD1.5M using our holiday offer pricing tool
  • I led the development of a mobile app using speech based emotion analysis to help autistic people
  • I developed natural language processing tools for a website optimization project


  • algorithms, graph theory and mathematical optimization
  • simulation and optimization in public transportation
  • software engineering