Contact Information

Jens Jelitto
Technical Strategy & Planning, Technical Assistant to Alessandro Curioni, IBM Fellow, VP Europe and Director IBM Research-Zurich
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland

Jens Jelitto is currently working in the area of Technical Strategy & Planning at the IBM Research-Zurich laboatory and serves as Technical Assistant to Alessandro Curioni, IBM Fellow, VP Europe and Director IBM Research-Zurich.

Before this assignment he has worked as Zurich Research Lab advocate for IBM’s Global Technology Outlook, which examines trajectories of new technologies in the marketplace and its implications for the society and IBM.

He served as Manager of research teams in the areas of "Storage Techniques for Big Data" and "Tape Technologies" at IBM Research - Zurich that he joined as a research staff member in 2001. He has worked in the fields of digital signal processing for wireless LANs and for magnetic recording, especially on advanced signal processing techniques for the tape read channels and on servo control aspects to improve the storage capacity and reliability of tape systems, as well as on techniques for Big Data storage systems.

He received the M.Sc./Dipl.-Ing. and PhD. degrees from the Dresden University of Technology, Germany, in 1995 and 2001, respectively. After his diploma, he worked in the field of speech recognition. In July 1996, he joined the Mannesmann Mobilfunk Chair for Mobile Communications Systems at Dresden University of Technology, where his main research interests included digital signal processing, smart antennas and spatial dimension reduction problems.

Jens is Senior Member of the IEEE. He holds about 60 patents and was a co-recipient of the 2011 IBM Research Pat Goldberg Memorial paper award. He received a 2009 IBM Research Extraordinary Technical Accomplishment for his contributions to "Technologies for Linear Tape Open and Enterprise Tape products" and an IBM Corporate Award for "Tape Technology Leadership" in 2013. He was also a co-recipient of the IFAC Industrial Achievement Award “For the application of advanced control technologies in the nano-domain to magnetic tape data storage” in 2014.