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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



Dr. Gerd Schlottig has researched in the Advanced Micro Integration (AMI) group at the IBM Research - Zurich Laboratory since 2011. He has been working on electronic packaging and reliability aspects for more than a decade, where his main research interest is the structural integrity of novel packages. Gerd works on embedded liquid cooling solutions, thermo-mechanical characterisation, modeling and interactions, 3D integration at different length scales, and composite processing and structural failure.

Gerd holds a Ph.D. degree in Mechanics of Materials (Delft University of Technology, 2012), developing new methods for the delamination of composites from silicon. After he received a Master's (Diplom) degree in Electrical Engineering (Dresden University of Technology, 2006, and having spent research stay at University of Alberta, Canada, 2004) he was a research associate with Infineon Technologies in Regensburg, the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration in Berlin and Delft University of Technology (2007-2011).

Related to modeling and results visualisation, Gerd studies two other diciplines: Emergence in Urbanism and Built Environments, focused on the computational potential for design space limitation with the concepts of assemblage theory, and morphogenesis. His research also covers visualisation of multivariate data, with an interest in allowing querying and interaction with the built environment.

In his leisure time, Gerd builds furniture using traditional and advanced hand tool woodworking techniques.