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Prototype Design Lead / Advisory Software Engineer, Cognitive Visualization Lab, Watson Group, Cambridge, MA


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More information:  www.timstutts.com


I am a designer and developer drawn to challenges within uncharted domains, where few pre-existing templates means a lot of visionary thought and re-inventing. My current expertise has been focused on an intersection of user interaction, data visualization, and artificial intelligence, though I also possess strong foundations in both visual effects and sound design. A prototyper since my Lego days, I enjoy using OpenFrameworks, Cinder, Processing, OpenGL, Three.js, D3.js, Unity and related platforms to bring concepts to life, as well as developing them further into functional applications.

I currently work at the Cogntive Visualization Lab for IBM Watson Health in Cambridge, MA, remote via Austin, TX, designing and developing user interface and data visualization components for cognitive computing applications. Before joining Watson, I lead PushPopDesign, a consultancy for prototype application design and development, where I had the opportunity to work with start-ups, agencies, research laboratories and contemporary artists on many exciting projects.

Prior to applications, I worked in audio post-rpdocutions for films and games for several years. My shift from application user to application designer occurred while developing an audio tool for batch processing dialog on the Playstation 2 title, 'Unreal Championship 2' in 2005. This tool saved the studio and effectively me from hundreds of hours of tedious editing, and was much more fun to make than editing game dialog. My background in sound design continues to influence and overlap with the application work I do today.

Education-wise I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Music Technology from California Institute of the Arts (2003) and a Masters degree in Interactive Telecommunications (ITP) from New York University (2008). In the past I have taught Sound Design at Art Institute California Design College.