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Research Staff Member
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  Association for Computational Linguistics


I am a research staff member in the NLP Health and Life Sciences group working on Question Answering in the medical domain. I have been a co-organizer of the popular SemEval Task, "Sentiment Analysis in Twitter" since 2013.

Prior to joining IBM, my interests focused in applying Natural Language Processing to study Sociolinguistics in Social Media. I received my PhD in July 2015 from Columbia University under the advisement of Kathleen McKeown. My thesis was titled "Detecting Influencers in Social Media Discussions". This work included predicting demographics, opinion, agreement, persuasion, claims, and influencers in weblogs, micro-blogs, and discussion forums.

I previously worked on GALE, a Question/Answering System involving Machine Translation where I maintained the pipeline and various services. During my undergraduate degree I did research in using Rule Based Expert Systems for an Intelligent Tutor System at Ramapo College with Dr. Amruth Kumar