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Watson Research Scientist
Watson Health Headquarters, 75 Binney Street, Cambridge, MA USA



Richard joined IBM as a Research Staff Member in August 2014. Richard holds a PhD in Cheminformatics (2010) and a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics (2006), both from The University of Sheffield, UK. Prior to joining IBM, Richard was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Computational Research Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he worked in the emerging field of Material Informatics. Richard's work focused on applying techniques and concepts from chemical informatics to accelerate the discovery of porous materials for clean energy applications.


Broadly, Richard's research interests concern the application of informatics and computational science to accelerate discovery in basic and applied science. Richard is particularly interested in research questions concerning the representation, searching and screening of data to generate knowledge and inform experimental design efforts.


Richard's current role is as a Watson Research Scientist in the Watson for Drug Discovery product team. Richard is the team leader for natural language processing, and is responsible for the development and evaluation of named entity recognition technologies. Richard is also the technical lead overseeing how Watson's understanding of chemistry, including how the system handles and extracts greater value from chemical data. Richard engages with clients to accelerate discovery in life sciences research, and also contributes to the product development roadmap.