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Distinguished Engineer (MobileFirst Research)
Austin Research Laboratory, Austin, TX, USA



MobileFirst Research

In 2012, I co-led an IBM Research Global Technology Outlook topic entitled "MobileFirst". This topic highlighted the disruptive trend where companies were re-imaging whole industries around mobile capabilities. These solutions are providing experiences that are personalized, socialized, contextualized and continuous across all device platforms. This topic went on to highlight the growing demand on backend server capacity to deliver these experiences. This topic led to both a rebranding as well as setting a new technical direction for our mobile business which is now called MobileFirst.

I am now serving as the mobile architect for IBM Research's global efforts around MobileFirst.

Currently, I am exploring/building Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) solutions and learning how to extend them to better fit an enterprise environment.

Mobile Systems Management

In 2009, I began exploratory work on leveraging mobile platforms to manage IBM servers. As part of this work, I released an iOS app called IBM Mobile Systems Remote on Apple's App Store in March 2011. This work was a collaboration between Research and STG.

System Simulation - Virtual Platforms

Starting in 2000, I led the development of a new software simulation platform for IBM hardware designs. This simulation environment is internally referred to as Mambo. This platform has been used to model many IBM designs including:

  • Sony, IBM, Toshiba Cell
  • BlueGene
  • Microsoft XBox-360 chip
  • Wii chip
  • POWER7
  • PowerPC 750 *
  • PowerPC 4xx

Early Years

I joined IBM in 1994. While I have been in IBM Research since 2000, I have also worked in the Microelectronics and Systems divisions.