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DE - z Systems Circuits and Technology, IBM Systems HW Development
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



Jim Warnock is a Distinguished Engineer in IBM’s Systems and Technology Group, responsible for many aspects of the technology and design infrastructure for IBM’s high-performance server designs. He joined IBM Research at Yorktown Heights in 1985, after receiving a B.Sc. degree from Ottawa University, Canada, and a PhD degree in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After a 2-year postdoctoral assignment in the IBM Research Physical Sciences department, Jim joined the silicon technology group, working on bipolar, BiCMOS, and later SOI CMOS technologies. In 1993, Jim moved to the newly created VLSI design department in Research, working first on IBM’s S/390 G4, and then POWER4. Joining IBM Microelectronics as a DE in 2003, Jim then worked on the Cell Broadband Engine, POWER7, zEnterprise 196 and EC12, and IBM's 22nm System z microprocessor. Dr. Warnock’s interests include VLSI circuits and methodology, clocked storage elements, design for test, and design-technology interactions. He is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, the American Physical Society, and a Fellow of the IEEE.