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Senior Medical Scientist, Care Delivery Systems
Cambridge Research Center, Cambridge, MA USA



Experienced healthcare leader/executive, consultant/advisor, clinician, educator and researcher. Professional Experience: Dr. Silobrcic has over 25 years of healthcare experience. He is a seasoned professional, with the clinical background as physician, and extensive experience at the forefront of strategy, operations and services and technology management. Currently, Dr. Silobrcic is a Senior Medical Scientist, Care Delivery Systems, at IBM Research, where he works on innovative development and delivery strategies and solutions for healthcare. In addition to his work on other IBM healthcare analytics solutions, Dr. Silobrcic is on the company's team working on the healthcare applications of IBM's breakthrough Watson technology. More recently, he was an Associate Partner working in strategy, operations and change management with a major (inter)national consulting firm, and with IBM Global Business Services. Previously, he was an executive with or advisor to various healthcare ventures, and/or health care professional services (consulting) firms. As leader, he has lead organizations/teams, various programs, projects and intellectual capital development efforts, as well as leadership development and assessment initiatives. As executive, he has held senior roles (including as CEO) in healthcare technology and services entities, with responsibilities in general management, business development, operations and financial management, people management, etc. As consultant/advisor, he has worked with leading private and public sector providers, payers and life sciences entities, specializing in strategy, governance, operations management/redesign, organizational transformation and change management, quality management, etc. He has also assisted a number of young healthcare technology and services companies in diverse aspects of their development and management, and acted as healthcare industry/technology advisor to a prominent investment network. As clinician, he has provided patient care as a general medical/primary care physician. As educator, he has developed and taught management courses for physician executives, with a particular focus on quality management/improvement, at Harvard University; as researcher, he has authored patents, presentations, publications and case management studies. Graduate Education: Harvard University, Master of Science in Healthcare Management (M.S.); Harvard University, Master of Public Health (M.P.H.); University of Zagreb Medical School, Doctor of Medicine (M.D.).