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Manager & Research Staff Member - Systems & Architecture for Machine Learning
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA


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Anthony joined the IBM Research - Austin Research Lab in April 2010 and began research in the area of storage power efficiency. He was a member of the Power-Aware Systems team managed by John Carter. Anthony has been a member of the Workload-Optimized Systems Group, researching file system design for analytics workloads for big data and data-centric computing. Led by his interest in big data and file systems and storage, Anthony explored scalabale graph database design for rapid-response analytics needs in the scope of big data. This research came on the back of having explored intelligent ways to tag big data for more efficient and insightful map/reduce jobs, only to realize there needed to be a more flexible data representation that, effectively, allowed the query/job to determine data schema/organization. Currently, Anthony leads the Exploratory Systems Architecture team in investigating optimal system design and distributed system configuration for emerging cognitive workloads.

Anthony received his PhD in Computer Science from Churchill College, University of Cambridge in March 2010 (supervised by Prof Andy Hopper), and his dissertation topic was managing disk drive energy consumption by optimizing system interaction. His dissertation investigated hard disk drive energy modeling for the purpose of reducing energy consumption. To facilitate this work, he developed a novel, and easy-to-generate disk drive energy estimation tool based upon fine-grained disk drive power measurements and detailed understanding of disk drive operation, power, and energy consumption characteristics. Anthony received his B.S. in Computer Engineering in August 2005 from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a Gates Cambridge Scholar and NSF Graduate Fellow.

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  • Energy Consumption and Reliability of Storage Systems (ERSS) - 2011
  • Architectures and Systems for Big Data (ASBD) - 2011