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Cognitive Computing, Business Analytics
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  IEEE   |  INFORMS  |  Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics


Applied researcher with strong background in mathematical modeling and optimization of dynamical systems, with application to manufacturing and production planning, supply chain management, workforce management, transportation and cognitive computing.


Recent Projects

Cognitive Systems Performance – Developing analytical techniques to model, predict and control the performance (accuracy) of cognitive-based Question/Answering systems.

Disaster Recovery for IT Systems – Developed the model for allocating hardware resources at a back-up data center to meet client hardware needs during a disaster event that hits multiple clients at the same time.

Discretionary Fuel Planning – Technical research lead for the development of a discretionary fuel planning system for a major North American airline.

Workforce Management – Lead a global research team in the development of a model to asses our services ability to staff complex projects under uncertainties arising from attrition, projects rolloffs and win odds.

Data Center Consolidation – Developed a system to make recommendations on the best placement of servers in IBM's data centers in order to reduce the operating costs of the centers.

Consumer Products Demand Forecasting and Inventory Model – Completed an assessment of using multi-nomial logit models to improve the understanding of the demand sensitivity for a perishable consumer product. The preliminary assessment showed opportunities for combining syndicated POS data and internal delivery data to improve the sales forecast as a function of price, competitor price and product factors.

 Oil Field Optimization – Developed a non-linear, mixed integer model formulation for maximizing the revenue from a oil field consisting of several wells, non-linear production flow versus well head pressure relationships, and gas/water/oil separator capacity constraints.

 IT Staff Optimization Model – Developed an optimization model for managing the resources of a large retailer's IT department. The model showed where resources were constrained and indicated which projects could be undertaken with the available resources.