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Research Staff Member; Blockchain on POWER; High-performance Computational Finance
Austin Research Laboratory, Austin, TX, USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  IEEE, Senior Member

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I am a Research Staff Member in the IBM Research Austin Laboratory, where my current work revolves around high-performance computing for capital markets based on IBM POWER systems, with a current focus on distributed shared ledger (blockchain) technologies.

I rejoined IBM Research in 2014 after several years in the IBM POWER microprocessor development organization, where I contributed to the architecture, design, verification and modeling of the energy management infrastructure for IBM POWER7, POWER8 and POWER9 processors. Previous to that, I began my career at IBM Research here in the Austin lab, on projects spanning large server systems to small handheld systems, energy management, performance instrumentation, embedded systems and logic design. 

In 2016 I was honored to be elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior member.

In 2015 I was honored to be named an IBM Master Inventor.

Selected Publications and Patents

Bishop Brock, Frank Liu and Karthick Rajamani. STAC-A2(TM) Benchmark on POWER8. WHPCF'15, Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on High Performance Computational Finance, Article 1. Austin, Texas, November 20, 2015.


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Please note that the paper attached above corrects four minor typograhical and formatting errors that appear in the version of record.

The following patents are the result of a joint effort between members of IBM Research and IBM POWER Systems Development. These patents define fundamental concepts employed by the industry-leading energy management capabilities of the IBM POWER7 and POWER8 microprocessors and firmware.

US9323300: Computing System Voltage Control, April 2016.

US9304886: Associating Energy Consumption with a Virtual Machine, April 2016.

US9182797: Decoupled Power and Performance Allocation in a Multiprocessor System, November 2015.

US8635483: Dynamically Tune Power Proxy Architectures, January 2014.

US8527801: Performance Control of Frequency-Adapting Processors by Voltage Domain Adjustjment, September 2013.