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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA



My role at IBM Research:

I'm here to help make IBM Research visible to computer science students in university Ph.D. programs. I do this largely by working with a team of IBM computer scientists that developed the Researcher self-publishing tool in their free time.

Researcher is a simple way for IBM researchers to produce a personal, project, group or research area (Professional Interest Community, or "PIC") page. It gives you a blank-page template where you can create as intricate or as basic a page as you like. One of the nicest features is the publication aggregator, which lets researchers query Google Scholar for their publications and then organizes them into a single, cross-indexed list.

Here's one way you can use a Researcher personal page link to publicize your work at IBM Research. Note where we have used the Researcher url.

Also: I host an audio podcast called Inside IBM Research (Soundcloud) The program features short conversations with IBM researchers who are using their skills to solve real-world problems (poverty, access to education, economic and political transparency, etc.) If you'd like to participate, send a note to me; Chris Nay, series producer; or Brent Hailpern, director of computer science, IBM Research.

My formal education:

M.A., English, Fordham University.

B.A., English, Rutgers University.

Last updated on April 19, 2017


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