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Research Staff Member
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  Association for Computational Linguistics


About me: 
I am a Research Staff Member in the Information Extraction and NLP group at IBM. My research focusses on making AI systems understand meaning of natural language text. Most of my work has been on making sense of large unstructured web data applying machine learning algorithms: Extracting entities (names of persons, organizations, etc.), resolving them to big knowledge-bases (like Wikipedia) and extracting relationships between the entities.

I completed my PhD in Computer Science under the supervision of my thesis advisor Alexander Yates. I also worked on Temporal Information Extraction in the Machine Learning Group at Microsoft Research, Redmond managed by Chris Burges and John Platt. My mentor was Silviu Cucerzan. 

Latest News:

  1. (new) ACL 2016 Papers: 1. Language Independent Entity Linking 2. Liberal Information Extraction 
  2. Best Score: Trilingual Entity Discovery and Linking. TAC 2015
  3. Best Score: Spanish Entity Linking, TAC 2014
  4. Best Score. The MSR System for Temporal Slot Filling. Venue: TAC-KBP 2013


Research Interests: 

Information Extraction from the Web                         Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning                         Information Retrieval

 Some of My Research Areas:

  • Entity Extraction and Disambiguation: Open-Database techniques for Entity Extraction and Disambiguation (CIKM'13 & EMNLP'12 papers): My NER-EL system outperforms 2 state-of-the-art NER systems and 6 EL systems.
  • Temporal Information Extraction: Algorithms for temporal scoping of relations between entities (TAC and CoNLL paper). Our system achieves state-of-the-art results by outperforming 4 other systems.
  • Learning Action Representations, relation extraction from text (papers on STRIPS extractions): Perhaps, the first to extract preconditions, add and delete effects from text automatically.
  • Education Data Mining: Automated scoring of explanations, responses and essays, automatic graders of scientific inquiry, using statistical NLP in education data mining (NAACL-BEApaper)

 Previous Internships/Collaboration:

  1. Summer 2013: Research Intern, Microsoft Research, Redmond.
    • Worked with the Machine Learning Group at MSR, Redmond.
    • Research project: Performed research on Temporal Slot Filling (TSF). Obtained Best Score at TAC 2013.
  2. Spring 2012: Research Assistant, Temple University (in collaboration with Yahoo! Research).
    • Worked with members of Yahoo! Labs at Sunnyvale (supported by a gift from Yahoo!).
    • Research project: Open-Database Entity Linking. Project resulted in a paper at EMNLP'12.
  3. Summer 2011: Data and Technology Analyst Intern, Morgan Stanley.
    • Worked with the Investment Management (MSIM FI) team on the Trade Acknowledgement Processor.
    • Project: Developed a system which is currently running live to parse the financial data.


Academic Service:

  • Conference Program Committee Member and/or Reviewer:
    • 2015
      • AAAI, ACL, CoNLL
    • 2014
    • 2013
      • EMNLP, RANLP
  • Journal reviewer:
    • 2014
      • Journal of Computer Assisted Learning